Should I knockoff an Anthropologie dress?

Living in Australia means I don’t have access to an Anthropologie store. Online doesn’t work for me if I’ve never been able to feel the quality of the fabric and know how the sizing works. Yes, you can call me a dinosaur.

I was in the US for work recently. I walked past an Anthropologie store and then did a double take and walked in. I didn’t have any time to do much more than circle the store (thanks to Powells) but I now understand the interest in Anthropologie and why some of the sewists I follow are inspired by the designs sold there.

I was taken with this dress. I have a lot of striped knit fabric in my stash.

[image source]

I didn’t spend enough time looking at it to work out if there are five layers from the neck down or one base layer with the other bits sewn on just under the bottom of the previous layer. I think the latter would be the way I would approach this design.

BurdaStyle’s boat neck long knit top (01-2011-123) might be a good starting point for dress. I am guessing four-way stretch would be required.

I didn’t try the dress on, but the online reviews comment on it being body hugging. Yay for being able to make a dress the way I want it to be and to fit (and perhaps hug) my particular body with all its idiosyncrasies! I think the diagonal strips might be flattering  and give the illusion of a smaller waist. I would also probably add ¾ length sleeves so I had a dress that would work in cooler weather.

Does anyone have this dress or the similar ones Anthropologie have sold over the last season or so? Have you tried it on or looked more carefully than I at this dress or something similar? What do you think of my plans? (of course there are a lot of other things in the queue, so it will probably be this time next year before I get around to it..)

27 thoughts on “Should I knockoff an Anthropologie dress?

  1. What a great design for you. I basically like Anthropology, but I find the quality of their clothes to be a bit lacking, so you’ll have a much better quality garment. The dress is done with 5 layers that are over lapped. Your pattern choice will be a perfect base. Good luck. Look forward to to seeing your creation.

  2. As a fellow Aussie – do it!!! I also prowl around the Anthropologie site, wishing we had local shops here. Your take on this dress will be great…

  3. You totally have to do this, I want to too!! Doesn’t look too complicated to knock off the style lines and I agree with the 4-way stretch requirement. Oh I can’t wait to see! xx

  4. Yes, do it. I’ll follow your progress with interest. Don’t forget there’s a colour blocked knit dress in a fairly recent Burda that might help with inspiration and shapes of pattern pieces. I can’t recall which issue but I’m sure it’s in the last six months. I look forward to seeing what you do!

  5. I’d guess that it is two layers only at any point in the garment. Make the base and attach the over layers to the base then two them all together at the side seams.

  6. Yes it does. There are stripes and diagonal lines everywhere..! What is different about ‘mine’ (how’s that for possession, it’s still just an idea, not even drafted yet! But I digress) , well in ‘mine’ the panels are not sewn together, but overhang each other.

  7. I’ll confess to not understanding why Anthropologie inspires such passion I’m general, but that particular dress is superb. Yes you should knock it off, and I second the suggestion to look at Burda 117-02-2012 as a base pattern. In fact I may join you!

  8. I LOVE that dress – very tempted to buy it online but have same hesitation as you. If you make it, I can sort of have the dress vicariously.

  9. Sewingelle I tried on that very dress in April in LA and found the diagonal stripes very flattering to a rectangular figure, good luck with making it! I might get around to it sometime, so might see you around town with the ‘same’ dress…

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