A not reversible straight skirt

I have been planning the Anthropologie Knockoff, I swear. I’ve even drafted bits of it and starting to make a toile.

But I had this fabric cut out for a skirt even before I saw the Anthropologie dress and it really is the most delightful fabric and deserved to stay ahead of Anthropologie Knockoff in the queue.

I had some great suggestions from you about which side of the fabric to use and what style garment to make that would allow me to use both sides. I had just enough fabric to make a sleeveless straight dress but not a dress with sleeves or a coat. I didn’t need a thick sleeveless dress. Why didn’t I buy more than 1.5 m?!

In the end I made a simple straight skirt using just one of the sides. So I have enough left over to make another simple straight skirt. I guess I could make it with the other side and then I’d have that option too!

The match with this top is fortuitous. I thought I’d probably wear it with a simple black turtleneck and black tights but I’m pretty pleased with how interesting this pairing is too. He who Cooks has a good eye!

Technical Details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 04-2010-125, without the flounce or bow. A simple pegged skirt with a side zip.

Size: 36-44. I made a 42 waist graded out to a 44 at the hips

Fabric used: wool cotton double weave, reversible design. I interfaced it with fusible medium weight interfacing because it was a relatively open weave.

The bottom of the skirt with interfacing to the hem fold line.

I slashed and then hand stitched down the darts (I think reading Roberta Carr’s Couture book has had some effect..). The fabric is double weave and a bit too thick for four layers, but too open weave for me to be comfortable with the edges unfinished.

I overlocked the bottom edge, turned it up once and then hand sewed the hem. Having that interfacing to put your needle into makes blind hemming a cinch. Double weave fabric helps too!

The lining is a medium weight polyester satin, in blue. It didn’t get a hand stitched hem. Couture techniques only went so far!

I added grosgrain ribbon to the top as a waist finishing. My ribbon was 2.5 cm wide I used the edge stitching foot with the needle offset a little to attach the ribbon to the fashion fabric and to sew the inner and outer ribbon together. Sunni has a great tutorial on this technique and she uses petersham ribbon, which is better than using grosgrain, but I could not find any petersham in Adelaide in black.

Very happy with my invisible zip insertion. Can’t see it can you?!

I do like these colours together. Even if my wardrobe and I are the only ones who will see them..

So, do I need another skirt in the reverse pattern?

One will be enough, at least for now….I have other things that must be sewn…

24 thoughts on “A not reversible straight skirt

  1. The skirt and the top are absolutely incredible together. He who cooks may need to be a little careful as you are going to turn a lot of heads. Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love this! And it works perfectly with your top! The blue lining is a lot of fun, too. Don’t you love adding colour surprises into your garments?

  3. I have a bad habit about being skimpy with my fabric purchases. I am in this situation all too often. Why don’t I learn? I like your skirt. Your pattern matching on the seams is impressive, and I love the jolt of cobalt blue inside.

  4. I love that fabric and want some too 🙂 I think you chose the best side for that skirt (black as the background), it looks liek the “right” side to me. The opposite side looks good too but some fabrics are only made to wear on one side so the other side will wear quicker but I think it would be ok as a top. I have a couple of fabrics in my stash that I have no idea which side is the “right” side 😉

    1. From Gay Naffine, an Adelaide designer who sells off her fabric at the end of each season. So not easy to find elsewhere. It really is lovely.
      I said to my daughter that I should offer it to my biog readers and she was horrified. Seems she wants a skirt too…

  5. No, you don’t need another skirt in the reverse. In fact, you don’t need the rest of that fabric. Send it to meeeeee! Haha! Just kidding. That is some of the coolest fabric I’ve seen in a very long time. Was it something you found online or locally? I really like your skirt, especially with the stripey top. And I appreciate your zipper, too! It looks impeccable.

  6. Lovely skirt, Sewingelle. Did you end up making one for Felicity?
    bTW have you laundered it yet? Was wondering is it safe in the hand wash cycle of a Miele, or a dry clean only job?
    I haven’t decided what to make with it because of that issue…

    1. I still have the skirt length (possibly for Felicity…) in my stash.
      I machine washed the fabric with wool wash in my Asko front loader on the gentle program and line dried it before I made it up. It came up beautifully.

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