Progress on the Anthropologie knockoff

Progress is very slow.

The starting pattern was BurdaStyle’s boat neck long knit top (01-2011-123)

I lengthened it and made up toile #1. As I should have predicted from the line drawing, this style is not figure hugging.

Toile #2 had bust darts, a 2 cm tuck out of centre back, a 15 mm swayback adjustment and the side seams taken in from the hips down to the knees.

It still needed a further 2 cm swayback adjustment, because sewing one into toile #2 improved the fit.

Finally I had something close enough to fitting me to mark in the style lines with masking tape.

Trying on a stretchy garment with masking tape is an interesting experience.

The next step was to mark all these lines onto my drafted and redrafted pattern. There are so many slashes and extra bits added that I thought I better make another set of clean pattern pieces and cut out one last toile to check all my final adjustments were okay.

That’s as far as I’ve got this weekend. I don’t think I like projects like this..

I was planning to make the final garment in a red and white stripe in my stash.

The stripe width of 2 cm should work well with the overlapping angles in this design (a full width red stripe on the bottom edge will probably work better than how I’ve arranged it here).

The cut ends of this knit curl, so I’ll have to hem it. All five panels. A coverstitch would certainly come in handy for this project!

I don’t have quite enough fabric to make both the base layer and all the panels in the stripe. I could make the base layer in a solid white. I don’t think it would show as long as I make the overlaps big enough.

I don’t have plain white knit in my stash.

More shopping required.

Longer delays in getting this dress finished!

I hope it is going to be worth it!


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9 Responses to Progress on the Anthropologie knockoff

  1. CherryPix says:

    It’s looking great ! Keep going!

  2. prttynpnk says:

    This is realy gettign interesting! I can’t wait to see more!

  3. Tia Dia says:

    It is going to be worth all the time you put into it. My most worn and favourite garments are the ones that took the longest to make. Thanks for your interesting post!

  4. Carolyn says:

    It’s so going to be worth of it! Even though this is taking some time you will appreciate the thought and effort when you wearing the finished dress!

  5. Funny, I was thinking about this project of yours this week so it was nice to get the update! It’ll be worth all the effort when it’s done.

  6. Judith says:

    Well worth the extra few minutes (ha ha) to make this up – is going to look stunningly hot!!!

  7. You have waaaaaay more patience than I ever will!

  8. carol456 says:

    You are very brave and very patient.

  9. Pella says:

    I’m loving it so far, can’t wait to see next step.

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