Anthropologie knockoff taking shape

Things I have (re)learnt so far:

Pattern drafters are highly skilled and I’m not one of those people. *

iPhone photos on a rainy late winter afternoon are not good quality.

He who Cooks thinks navy and white is lovely (“red and white is a bit juvenile”).

Blogging about projects before they have started gives you one option only. Finish it!

* Lots of other sewing bloggers are though: Have you seen StephC’s Cake?

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18 Responses to Anthropologie knockoff taking shape

  1. StephC says:

    Oh how funny! My husband loves red and white stripes, but not so much on navy and white… “They look like something an old lady would wear.” heheeh.

    This is looking really cool, *I* like red and white stripes… Keep thinking I want to do something like this myself.

    Thanks for the linky love!

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I think this is going to be very swank. I like the red and white…

  3. This looks exciting! I am looking forward to your new creation.

  4. Mary in FL says:

    I like how this is coming along!

  5. Your fabric looks great; the stripes are just the right width for this project.

  6. Tia Dia says:

    Looking good! I like the red & white, although I like navy & white, too. And yes, I agree with you: patternmakers are *exceptionally* skilled people!

  7. Carol says:

    I love red and white stripes. Add another thing to the list of things you’ve learned: never ask a man for an opinion.

  8. Gail says:

    Definitely finish it. If I listened to everything my husband said about style I would make nothing, wear nothing and have no self confidence!

    • SewingElle says:

      I’m very lucky, because He who Cooks is very supportive in every way. His tastes do, however, tend towards the classic and this comment about red and white is a perfect example of that.

  9. Ruth says:

    I’m impressed with your drafting skills. And yes, you really have to finish (and wear) the dress now. Don’t give up

  10. sewbussted says:

    He who cooks knows just how hot you are going to look in this dress. He just wants to tone it down a few notches 😉

  11. I already know I am going to want to steal the finished dress away from you!

  12. Rosy says:

    You brought a smile to my face with this wonderful post! Red and white is a good choice, bolder and brighter than blue and white, please … go ahead!

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  14. Sofie says:

    This is the second or third time I’ve looked at this dress and I really just love it. I am surprised as I thought you may have entered it into the Tessuti competition. I think this is fabulous!

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