The newsprint maxi skirt

Yes, I am eating breakfast. There was a cup of coffee on the porch wall too, just out of frame.

Those novelty knits with ruffles have been around for several seasons. I’ve succumbed to their temptations before and made a ruffly top. Since then I’ve managed to avoid their charms. Until now, that is.

Technical details

I could’ve made this as a tube with an elastic waist, but I fiddled a bit more to make it smoother over my hips and around my waist.

I used a simple pegged straight skirt (BurdaStyle 04-2010-125) as my base.

I placed the front skirt pattern piece on the fabric on the fold, and butted the back skirt piece onto it (I trace out my patterns without a seam allowance).

This eliminates the side seam but gives you an extra ‘dart’ on the sides. You can see the ‘dart’ cut out in the picture below. I’ve used this technique before. Its a good trick for straight skirts when pattern matching is challenging. The only seam you have to worry about is the back one.

I extended the waist to give me a facing wide enough for my elastic. The elastic was attached to the facing and then flipped under and stitched to the skirt.

I didn’t peg the skirt back in but continued down straight to ankle length, with a split in the back (and only!) seam. The width of the facing for the split about 3 inches…  as much width as was left, ending at the selvedge.

This skirt has been worn non-stop all weekend. He Who Cooks is already tired of seeing me in it. Lucky that spring is here!

9 thoughts on “The newsprint maxi skirt

  1. Oooh – how cool is that!! Love that fabric, looks great as a maxi skirt – perfect for winter-into-spring season! I’d wear it at least every day for the next week! Also appreciate the tip on creating a single seam – I have just the pencil–skirt TNT to try this. Thanks!

  2. But you’ve used a fabric that I’ve always thought of as ‘evening wear’ into day time look – clever, and pretty damn good looking too. I’ve read about the one seam skirt but never seen it in action – thank you.

  3. What a pretty skirt! I made one in the ruffley fabric last year and loved wearing it for summer outings this year. Hopefully you will enjoy wearing yours as much!

  4. I love this skirt – and the toast! The fringes are very cute ….. The previous stripey dress is fantastic and works great in red and white and the shoes. Love them.

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