Spring chambray maxi skirt

Spring has sprung and with it the need for another maxi skirt.

This time in a Felicity size and style.

The long side slit saves it from Amishness (but not silly poses).

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 11-2011-116B

I’ve made this skirt before for Felicity in the above knee length version. It’s a smart design with a 4 cm wide piece of elastic sewn to the top of the facing to keeps the skirt snug at the waist while still allowing the pleats to fall softly.

Size: 34-42, I made a 38.

Fabric: Light weight cotton chambray.

Changes I made:

The style in the magazine is made in a sheer fabric, so the instructions are for a double layer of fabric. I didn’t need to do this with chambray.

I made the skirt a bit shorter (to accommodate the meterage I had: 1.2 m) and the pleats a little less deep (again for meterage reasons; to fit both the front and back skirt pieces on my fabric width of 140 cm)

The other change was to put the slit on the same side as the zip, because I had already sewn the other side up (so this was just laziness..)

After winter, the clear signs of spring are very welcome!


4 thoughts on “Spring chambray maxi skirt

  1. Very sweet skirt. Fun, easy style. We’re just beginning to head into fall. After a super hot summer, I am loving the cool days. Enjoy your spring!

  2. So funny to read about spring clothing when I’m unpacking boxes of fall winter fleecy stuff for my kids! I really like the skirt. I wasn’t sure about the no-waistband look – I wouldn’t dare make it for myself – but it looks so lovely on Felicity. And the side slit makes for easy movement. Don’t you just love chambray?

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