Gorgeous Fabrics

They* have arrived!

  • The fabrics are as lovely as I had hoped.
  • Ann is generous with her cuts- I have at least 2 metres (almost 2 ¼ yards) for the 2 yards ordered.
  • They arrived in exactly 3 weeks
  • Shipping cost was a little less than Ann estimated.
  • No duty was required to be paid.
  • Customs opened the parcel. I hoped they enjoyed the viewing.

* You didn’t think I’d let the boucle travel all that way unaccompanied did you?

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7 Responses to Gorgeous Fabrics

  1. Karin says:

    It all does look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you make with it:-)

  2. starryfishathome says:

    Super fabric! What are you going to make?

    • SewingElle says:

      I only have firm plans for the plaid boucle. That’s going to be a chanel style jacket, possibly lined with the light blue stripe. The lace might be the cover dress on the September 2012 Burdastyle magazine.

  3. sewbussted says:

    Looks like a lot of fun is in your future!!!

  4. Ruth says:

    Beautiful blues – timeless, season-less, age-less. Boucle is to die for as I’m sure the finished jacket will be too.

  5. kaitui_kiwi says:

    Ohh love the colour of your boucle and that blue lace looks interesting too! I love a good sewing parcel 😀

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