What did the sewing world in 2012 hold for me?

How many and what patterns

Clearly my love affair with Burdastyle magazine continues. 29 garments were made, and only 10 were not from Burda. That’s an improvement on last year: of the 32 garments I sewed in 2011, only 2 were not from Burda.

I used patterns from issues from March to November and from as far back as 2009. One skirt pattern was repeated five times with various alterations, and I’ve already used this pattern multiple times the previous year.

Here’s some of the 2012 versions of 04-2010-125:

I like most of my Burda patterns a lot, but my top garment this year would have to be 03-2009-107:

As well as Burda, I’ve used a few indie pattern companies this year: MyImage, Rhonda Buss, Collette Patterns and drafted my own (completing a knockoff was a first for me this year too)


80 meters of fabric were purchased and the stash increased by 15 metres. Not quite as good as last year when I purchased the same but only increased the stash by 4 meters. I need to sew more and give away more! Buying less would just be miserable.

I made my first online purchase of fabric this year too.


It’s still almost all about me

Only five items out of the 29 were for others. Felicity got four, all from Burda, and Rory scored one.

My favourite Felicity makes this year were 11-2011-116 and 05-2010-110:

And Rory got pajama pants. For him and his teddy!

I used Simplicity 9900 (OOP) for Rory (I had to draft up a size) and drafted Beary’s myself. Rory is ridiculously pleased with Beary and he having matching PJs.


My year has been bookended with generosity from sewing bloggers this year.

Fabric and patterns from Canada in January. Thank you Melodia!

Patterns from Ireland in December. Thank you Ruth!

Thank you

The online sewing community is a treasure.

Sewing keeps me sane and blogging makes me happy. Thank you for visiting, commenting and connecting.

Have a wonderful 2013.

10 thoughts on “What did the sewing world in 2012 hold for me?

  1. Love that red and white stripe dress – it looks so good on you – but Felicity’s dress is also gorgeous! I have been a bit like you this year and not done too much sewing for others… my argument is that the kids grow too fast and don’t get much wear out of anything, but it’s just an excuse because I really love selfish sewing best 🙂

  2. I only found your blog halfway through the year but I’ve loved seeing what you’ve made in 2012. I’m sure that I will enjoy your sewing journey in 2013, too!

  3. I’m not sure I saw your blue dress before – it’s fabulous!

    You do understand that photo of Rory and Beary could be used in the future for justifiable homicide :). Saying that, my Yellow Ted is one of the first things I’d rescue in a fire.

  4. I’m glad the patterns arrived – I’m guessing it took ages. Lovely sewing done in 2012 and who cares if it was mostly for you? You look very pleased.

    1. The patterns came just before Christmas. Its a busy time for parcels, but three to six weeks from anywhere else in the world except New Zealand is the norm, so they did well!

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