Jazz and batwings

Cabaret means a new outfit, right?

He who Cooks arranged tickets to hear an Australian jazz quartet last night. He also arranged pre show drinks and nibbles as well as after show dinner with two wonderful friends. What a guy!

My contribution to the evening was to sew something that coordinated with him.

Technical details


Pattern: Vogue 1291 style B, generously gifted to me from Ruth

Size: Sandra Betzina sizing A to J, I sewed an E.

Fabric. Polyester chiffon. Horrid fabric to sew. Shifty, fray just from looking at it and lots of bias seams in this design. Eek!

I tamed it with French seams throughout and a rolled hem, using my ‘old’ Janome because the new machine doesn’t have a rolled hem foot. Yet.


Pattern: Inspired by Burdastyle 07-2012-134.

I added inside out hem darts and a second narrow waist dart at the front to my standard pegged pencil skirt (04-2010-125 without the flounce). My standard skirt also got a centre back seam for the zip and split and a thin 1 cm waistband rather than a facing. My skirt is about 8 cm shorter than 07-2012-134.

I know the fashion photo doesn’t show a lot of the skirt, but it’s in my favourite colours, with a hibiscus and what looks to me like a chef in the background.

What’s not to love?

Size: 07-2012-134 comes in 44-52.

I made mine as a Sewingelle special: almost 44 hips and 42 waist with 1 cm swayback adjustment and a few other tweaks on the side seams after basting.

I love pencil skirts. So easy to get a custom fit.

Fabric: Medium weight white stretch cotton self stripe underlined with a lightweight cotton nylon spandex mix to stop underwear showthrough.

Conclusion after wearing? Great design. The top is super easy to wear. Thanks Ruth!

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21 Responses to Jazz and batwings

  1. CherryPix says:

    You wear this SO well! Love the contrast of the full-ish batwing and pegged skirt. I’m off to look up that skirt!!

  2. Love the whole outfit but blown away by the skirt I have never noticed before… you wear a pegged skirt well!

  3. sewruth says:

    You look great in that little outfit. Hope you had a lovely evening.

    • SewingElle says:

      We had a fabulous evening. Thanks again for the pattern. Did you make it up? I was thinking you must have because its cut out but I can’t find it on your blog.

      • sewruth says:

        I did indeed but not really a favourite of mine. I sort of liked it but not enough to make a song and dance (blog post) about it. Glad to see it went to a more appreciative home than I could give it.

  4. Judith says:

    Great outfit, for a lovely night out!

  5. Karin says:

    This is lovely! I really like the fabric you chose for the top, it is perfect for the modern, drape-y style.

  6. prttynpnk says:

    This is a sharp combo- nicely done!

  7. sewbussted says:

    Great outfit! Love the strappy shoes. Perfect pairing to your outfit as well as the evening.

  8. Pella says:

    Nice outfit, great sleeves!

  9. Marie says:

    Fabulous outfit. Sounds like you have a wonderful man there.

  10. velosewer says:

    This is such a lovely style and the fabric makes it sparkle.
    Great skirt. Overall I love the shapes you’ve used.

  11. Kerri says:

    And I thought I was the only one who coordinated with what my husband was wearing. 🙂
    You two look great together! Lucky you to have a husband who can cook.

  12. What a guy! Think you should definitively keep him! The outfit is fab too – love the colours and you look wonderfully summery. Hope the jazz and friends and food was perfect.

  13. Carol says:

    I love this outfit! You look great.

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