Rhonda’s flutter sleeve top

Rhonda’s Creative Life is a treasure trove of ideas and patterns you can draft yourself. Plus a great series of alterations to sleeves and more.

Wonderfully inspirational. And look at the gorgeous things she sews and how chic she looks!

If you haven’t found Rhonda’s blog already you should. Don’t miss Fabulous Free Pattern Friday (that’s where this top came from), Sleeves on Saturday, Monday Morning Inspiration (vintage patterns and catalogue gorgeousness!) and the lovely Sunday Night Reflections. There are recipes too and a regular showcase of other sewing blogs.

She’s the reason I am channeling my inner hippie here.

Now, where is my head scarf, who took my beads and would this top look better with flares?

It seems I’m not the only Aussie sewing blogger with the seventies on her mind this summer – check out Valerie!

I used Rhonda’s pattern for a lovely soft silky top from her Fabulous Free Pattern Friday as my starting point

Fabric choice makes a difference to a pattern and here is a great example.

I used a cotton voile with shirred bronze and silver stripes. Light but not drapey. Rhonda designed her top for silky drapey fabrics

The shirring gave the belt a very interesting lettuce leaf effect on the edges.

I decided on flutteriness on both arms, just to change Rhonda’s top even more.

(back to 2013 colouring)

This is a fun top.

I need to make another, more elegant version in a drapey fabric. One more like Rhonda’s and less like the 70’s.

Yeah baby.

8 thoughts on “Rhonda’s flutter sleeve top

  1. Thank you for the offer of the fabric. I would love to have it! How about a trade? I have the black, dove grey, camel and teal blue wool crepe that I posted over my birthday week. Let me know if you would like a piece of one of the colors.

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