I listened to your excellent advice and turned a dowdy frock into a summer dress.

The length is now just above the knee, the butterfly sleeves are gone and the crossover surplice is held in place with orange buttons.

I ditched the coordinating stripe trim. Just because I can doesn’t mean I should!

In upcycling mood, I then tackled the next dowdy frock.

Now much better as a shirt.

26 thoughts on “Upcycling

  1. Ha so what do I know! Lovely re-vamp, even if you are now thoroughly sick of the dress LOL. The shirt to dress is perfect. What did you do with the fabric from the ditched skirt portion?

    Oh, and would you make the flutter sleeve dress in a drapier fabric do you think?

    1. The leftover fabric from the skirt has gone in the rag bag for a quilting friend.
      I might still make the dress with the flutter sleeves… Still a bit on the fence.

  2. Such a simple change to turn two potential wadders into two great new garments. I love the little orange buttons; they are a winner

    1. I love those buttons too. They were saved from another garment that wore out ages ago. I’m glad my mother taught me to be frugal…. Its nice to enjoy buttons all over again the second time around.

  3. What great saves! The blouse is fantastic. I’m taking note of all the bits that made a difference. Being able to find your waist was one I knew, but I thought contrasting bits would always help, not so apparently. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have really done good work here. The dress looks lovely, and the buttons are a nice finishing touch. The blouse should become a favourite piece instead of a frankly unsuitable dress!
    Isn’t it strange how we yearn for something only to find it completely wrong on us. I’m thinking of pussy bows on myself which make me turn either into my grandmother or an air hostess.

    1. I hope pussy cat bows don’t go the way of the flutter sleeves for me. You’re so right though, knowing what works for your own body and lifestyle can save a lot of disappointment.

  5. Love the fabric of the top dress. Well worth the refashion. Though I will quietly admit to quite liking the cape sleeves! And oh how lovely that shirt. What a great shape.

  6. These are two big wins! Both are flattering, and just the sort of crisp, cheery cotton one needs for summer. Both are so much better and more wearable.

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