Striped scarf neck tie blouse

Kbenco and CherryPix weren’t wrong! This is a great blouse pattern, and will be a good addition to my work wardrobe.

Technical details

Pattern: Burdastyle 10-2010-118A

Fabric: Silk cotton blend from Gay Naffine


On this lovely fine and delicate fabric I had to do french seams. Well, the armscye defeated me for french seaming- this was finished with just a fine zigzag.

I made the neck slit at least 6 cm less low than Burda suggested. No need to show my lingerie! I didn’t use any interfacing, just a strip of fashion fabric with a fine rolled hem on the edges. After turning it to the inside I added a row of topstitching around the slit.

Burda has a turned up cuff on the sleeves. I just did a simple rolled hem. I also did this on the bodice hem, and the edges of the tie.

I sewed the tie onto the back neck around to the shoulder seams, as Burda instructs. If I make another one, I’ll sew it a bit further around to the front. The neck is finished with a bias strip turned inside, with the tie enclosed.

The teenage fashion critic approves. ‘Very french’ was the verdict. I don’t think she was talking about the seams.

Other more experienced fashion critics have also been complementary. I think I might need to make another one…


21 thoughts on “Striped scarf neck tie blouse

  1. Isn’t this a great little blouse pattern? Simple to sew and the result is chic chic chic! Love your striped version, and looking forward to the next one… or three!

  2. Oh this is lovely and i can imagine it is gorgeous to wear too with the heat we’re having this lovely late summer. I think another one is a great idea and i’m looking for this pattern as soon as i’ve finished typing. It needs to be added to my work wardrobe pile.

    1. Its been fantastic to wear in the heat. Silk cotton blends are now officially my favourite fabric for summer.
      I worn it on Friday to work, washed Saturday and then again on Sunday for my Dads 80th birthday lunch. All days above 35oC. Its not just hot weather work appropriate, but hot weather 80th birthday event appropriate!

      1. Perfection :-).

        I have to say I discovered silk-cotton blends this year too and I bought a bunch for various things. I suspect they’ll be great in winter too, layered under other things.

    1. I do like this fabric too. Its from a designer selloff. Only available in Adelaide (it feels good to say that after I’ve been reading abut sewist meet ups in Sydney and Melbourne and lots of great fabric buying!)

  3. I was going to comment on the fabulous stripe matching, but I was beaten to it and it was apparently accidental. So, all I can say is that it is a fabulous top 🙂 I think “6cm less low” with Burda necklines is normal wear for most people.

  4. Serendipitous stripe matching is so pleasing, and your stripes are perfect. The blouse looks great, and having it so quick to wash and wear from such a beautiful fabric is a real bonus. I have been hunting for my 10-10 burda to make a few more of these, it is such a great pattern. Maybe I should tidy my sewing room….

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