One day we might have an Adelaide sewing blogger meet up..

Vicki the Sewing Scientist has had a brilliant idea to help us meet up, whereever we are in the world. Check out the Australian part of the map:


Here’s Vicki’s instructions on how to participate:

Open this link to get to Map the Sewintists
Click on the red Edit button on the left
Click on the blue pin on the upper left of the map
Click on your location to drop the pin (Vicki strongly advises people to only pin their general location or closest city)
A box will open that will allow you to add your name or blog URL in rich text
Save et voilà!
**********update from users:  it appears that you cannot pin if you are using a mobile device / tablet; also, you may need to use Firefox since other browsers may not work; finally, you must be signed into your google account. Vicki also says: If worse comes to worst and you can’t pin after trying all this, just comment to Vicki with your location and info you want to include, and she’ll pin you!

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3 Responses to One day we might have an Adelaide sewing blogger meet up..

  1. Alison says:

    I had no problem pinning my location using a MacBook & Safari. 🙂

  2. SewingElle says:

    Excellent! Now I just need you to move out of Sydney and closer to Adelaide…

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