BF’13: Criticism is good

BF’13 is about being constructive in comments about sewing posts. ReadyThreadSew started all this rolling and now Sewing For Me has made an awesome badge.

So, please, if you think my project fits badly or is unflattering or is wrongly constructed, don’t hold back. My blog documents my sewing journey and there is lots to learn. I’ll learn so much quicker if you point out what I can improve.

10 thoughts on “BF’13: Criticism is good

  1. while I think constructive criticism can be good – in the right place and the right measure, I had a look at the original thread you linked to and I felt it quickly turned into gratuitous nastiness, which I do not like. I hope you get the criticism you are looking for, but I also wish people would learn more tolerance and respect.

    1. I agree. It’s a fine line between constructiveness and destructiveness. And online conversations are so much harder to get right. Frankness is not always appreciated!

      Non solicited criticism can end up being more on the destructive side. Thats why I want to make it clear that I am actively seeking criticism.

  2. I tend not to leave a negative comment, everyone is at different skill levels, different tastes and different aims too – not everyone aspires to sewing couture. But I can understand the point of constructive criticism though it’s not usually given nicely on the Internet!

  3. wow – so brave! Good on you. I often thought if I was to start another blog, my introduction to comments would read like this:

    Thanks for stopping by and making the effort to leave a comment. If you have ideas about how I might improve this garment, I would love to hear them. In particular, I love styling advice and would love to hear how you think I might style this garment for better impact.

    I read the link you provided and though there were many interesting observations. I also question the appropriateness of hobby sewers charging for professional services without the requisite training (in pattern drafting or construction). However, at the end of the day, the market will determine that, and if what they provide doesn’t match the level of expertise required, the market will respond by poor pattern sales, poor reviews or low revenue. In that respect I think, if they can make a go of it, “more power to them.”

    In terms of welcoming constructive feedback I think it is always useful to use the “sandwich” model a la toastmasters – something nice, some suggestion for improvement, something nice. That’s also useful because it invites a balanced assessment – it is very easy to be overly focussed on what is not working.

    So next time I visit I’ll be interested to read your comments – see if anyone takes you up on it! I love the stuff you make, I love that it is edgy and interesting.

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