Hot pink ponte skirt

I’ve found a new-to-me fabric shop in Adelaide: Catwalk Fabrics. Other sewists have mentioned it but I have never managed to actually visit. Until now.

Lisbeth Moritz is the proprietor and it’s a tiny space in the ‘Paris end’ of Coglin St, Brompton. Lisbeth has an eclectic collection of designer fabrics; like a pared back Tessutis.

I didn’t visit with any particular project in mind. I left with a gorgeous hot pink ponte. It had to come home with me: it was the perfect partner for a blouse I’d made earlier

Technical details

Pattern: Burdastyle 08-2011-122

Size: 36-42, I made a 42 with a 1 cm sway back adjustment and a bit of further adjustment over the hips for fit. Pencil skirts are so easy to fit!

Changes I made: I changed the length to just above the knee and omitted the pockets. I extended the waist to have a fold back self facing. Rather than interface the waistband and facing I added 3 cm wide elastic. It’s a fitted waist, not elasticized. The elastic adds body and a bit of stretch for comfort. Its edge is showing through, but I am telling myself it gives a line that doesn’t look out of place on a waist

Sewing with Ponte

My most favourite go to casual skirt for winter is a charcoal ponte I made over ten years ago (yes, it really does need replacing but it’s still wearable). Apart from this one skirt, I haven’t used ponte much at all. Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic makes some wonderful garments from ponte (well, actually, almost any fabric she puts her hand to). She recently posted about ponte and how she uses and treats it.

I followed her advice and treated my ponte like a woven. The only exception was a double needle for the hem. It did look better just turned up before I stitched it, but I am not skilled enough with hand stitching to contemplate a stretchy blind hem by hand.

I stabilized the fabric where the invisible zip went in with iron in woven interfacing. It’s not perfectly smooth, but it will do for me for now!

Who doesn’t want to wear spring colours in Autumn?

(thick tights are wonderful things..)

24 thoughts on “Hot pink ponte skirt

  1. Colours like this are perfect for the more dreary months – help to keep SAD at bay. So you will be doing *everyone* a favor when you wear it. Very kind indeed of you. Looks lovely with the blouse too.

  2. Super color! In Mexico we call that “Mexican pink” and you see it everywhere, good choice. I also love the fit of your skirt. I get lazy about princess seams but in ponte the edges don’t need to be finished so you get the great fit with reasonable effort. Gotta remember that.

  3. I love this skirt. I’ve never seem ponte in pink but I will be looking out for it. I have a large piece of charcoal ponte looking for a project … this might be an inspiration, thank you!

  4. Lovely skirt in a gorgeous colour. I’ll be looking out for a cheerful colour of ponte too.

  5. Fantastic colour – I agree about wearing it whenever because it is such a cheerful colour in a sea of dark winter clothing.

  6. Very flattering skirt. I liked the color, but was thinking spring because I forgot it is fall in your “neck of the woods”. Hmm I have a wool jacket in a similar color I love to wear in the fall with black or grey. So enjoy wearing it anytime.

  7. Gorgeous skirt. I have some bright orange ponti I want to make into that side-pleated Burda skirt. I have heard of Catwalk fabrics but have never visited. Is she open 9 to 5 during the week or do you have to make an appointment? Thanks.

      1. Oh yes of course, I was just too lazy to look it up!! ;o) It’s actually called the ‘starburst’ skirt #113C from the May 2012 issue. It needs a light ponti to make all the pleats and I have just the thing! It would look lovely in any bright colour such as your Mexican pink too, however orange suits my wardrobe better.

  8. Cute skirt, I love ponte! I love it when you find new fabric places. I really need to set aside one day and go to all the fabric stores in Auckland.

  9. Oh wow lovely skirt in a wonderful vibrant colour. I have to say that I still haven’t figured out what to make with my black wool ponte but a skirt is a good idea or pants perhaps. Not skinnies though – saggy leggings would not be a good look LOL.

    1. You really should. It’s the most wonderfully comfortable skirt ever, and a fabulous happy colour. I’ve just returned from a holiday in Scotland, London and Paris and its one of the best travel garments I took.

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