Nuage Scarf take two

I’d like a dollar for every time one of my favourite sewing bloggers has put a post up about knitting and I’ve groaned.

Now I’m doing the same.

How did this happen?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

I’ve been admiring granny square crochet garments for a little while and then Ann (swoon, my hero) wore a granny square scarf on one of the episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee.

Right, that did it. I have to have one, and that means I have to learn how to crochet. Crochet being one of those skills my mum didn’t teach me (she didn’t crochet, so I guess she is excused) and my nana didn’t teach me (she did crochet, and she lived next door during my childhood, so that was inexcusable! )

I mentioned my need to learn crocheting to a friend and she said, well come to craft night, Mary crochets and so does Fred (names changed to protect the innocent). Of course, craft night came and I hadn’t located my nana’s crochet hooks, but I did have some interesting bulky uneven colourful wool and some (very cool) new knitting needles.

All these purchases were Felicity’s fault. She is coming to craft night too (only on non school weeks of course..). She wants to knit a Dr Who scarf. So we had to go to shops to buy wool for her.

This is the second time I’ve knitted this scarf ( it’s Nuage, from Ravelry, knitted on circular needles). The first version was too long. So I unravelled it and cast on less stitches. How much easier is unravelling than unpicking?


Don’t worry. Sewing is still way more enthralling to me that knitting. Oh and I will eventually get to crocheting. I just need to finish this scarf first…

7 thoughts on “Nuage Scarf take two

  1. Great post! I guess trying other crafts is like strechting out our abilities and urge for creativity. It is so satisfying to be able to say “i made that!” Looking forward to seeing your scarf.

  2. 🙂 welcome to knitting! It can be both super soothing and utterly frustrating. I personally love the feeling of the yarn in my hands, some are thick and itchy, others soft as a cloud, all lovely!

  3. I have the same knitting needles – and i much prefer sewing to knitting, but as you say, unraveling is so much easier than unpicking!

  4. Love the colour of the wool you are using. Are you going to the Gay Naffine sale? Last day is tomorrow.

    1. Yes, I’ve been. Too dark to photograph last night but I hope to get the evidence of my fabric gluttony up tomorrow. Have you been? What did you get?

  5. Ha ha ha ha …… and so begins another craft addiction LOL. I have decided not to learn to crochet cos it’d soak up what little brain space and time I spend (on) sewing. Of course, I therefore have to live vicariously through others so I feel rather pleased when there are knitting and crochet posts on a “sewing blog”.

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