The (ongoing) quest for a knit wrap

I have a RTW knit longline cardi that I would love to replicate. What I should do is cut it up and make a pattern from it. Even though it is old and was never high quality, I still like it more than any other cardi and certainly better than any of my attempts to replicate it.

I think I might now have reached the point of taking the scissors to it.

My first try at replication was this wrap (LMB 07-2010-1: blogged about here).

There were two main things wrong with this version.

The pattern drafting was a bit generous. This should’ve been obvious from the fashion shoot in the magazine, but I didn’t pay enough attention.

My front band addition was too wide and not shaped around the neck.

It gets worn around the house.

I’ve just finished my second attempt. It will only get worn around the house too.

This one was based on Burdas recent pattern (01-2013-114) with chiffon or satin as an underlayer with an integrated scarf/shawl neckline.

Very elegant. Lots of nice versions on the Russian burda site. Just not mine..

I skipped the scarf look and used the underlayer as the front pattern piece. A nice medium weight double knit with good recovery was my fabric.

I reduced the width of the front band by about 5 cm, and took the armscye in by 5 mm. It is still way too big and just not like my old grey cardi that I love!

I ask myself why I don’t use a pattern that lots of people have tried and like? Like Simplicity 2603? I have it in my pattern stash, I like the style and I’ve already made it up for Felicity. Wasn’t she a sweet tween back in 2010 (now, of course, she is a gorgeous young woman).

What are your recommendations for a long line wrap?


17 thoughts on “The (ongoing) quest for a knit wrap

    1. Yes the simplicity one does take a lot of fabric. Your suggestion of the style arc one is a good one.
      And you’re right, I should have posted a pic of my much loved cardi. There is a picture on the post linked to for the LMB attempt.

  1. I have made Simplicity 2603 twice in lightweight merino knit. I love them both, and will be making another one soon because one of them has picked up a mysterious stain along the way.

  2. Gosh but taking the scissors to a favourite (if old old old) garment makes me break out into a sweat. What happens if I screw it up and miss out on those last few wears without the benefit of a new replica? However, I have no pattern recommendations for you I’m afraid so I look forward to seeing what happens next 🙂

  3. My favourite long line cardy is the uber nerdy “every woman’s favourite” cardy from Ottobre magazine 05 -09 – #08 – you can back order single issues of the magazine from the Ottobre website by clicking the “subscription” button and following the links from there. I’ve made it twice, wear them both all the time. You can ‘up geek it ‘or ‘down geek it’ by your fabric choice and by using snaps instead of buttons and putting contrast rib on the pockets or hem.

    Alternatively I also like the look of the long “my image” cardyfrom their very first magazine – you can see the technical images on their website.

    The thing I like about both cardies is the flattering neckline (scoop and v) and the long fitted style as opposed to the popular “waterfall” styles which do me no favours.

    Best of luck. A warm snuggly cardy is a good friend in these cool months.

  4. Just lovely! I have a pattern from Linda MacaPhee Designs for a kniit wrap. The pattern looks quite easy and the pic looks nice, but I have not sewn it up yet, so have no recommendations on how it sews.

  5. I’ve made up the Simplicity one – in the super long version – and ended up chopping it off to match the length of an RTW one that I had because it was ridiculously long (see it here: I think if I was to make another one, I’d probably use the same pattern because it seems to work well. Thanks for making up the Burda one, too, BTW. That has been on my “looks interesting might like to try” list. I guess it really does need a chiffony type fabric for that scarf look. Live and learn, eh? I feel your frustration! I’m off to check the Russian site.

    1. I love your red 2603.
      The Burda pattern would be prettier with the chiffon underlayer, but it would still be too wide in the shoulders and too loose through the sleeves for me. I used twill tape on the shoulders so its not just my fabric: the sizing is very generous.

  6. I like the 2603 cardigan, and have two. However, the Sewing Workshop Ann’s Cardigan is better. The waist seam helps control the fullness, you can adjust it to your length easily, and it gets the most compliments.

  7. I love the red cardi on your daughter, is that enough like your favourite cardi to make in another colour and your size?
    I have enjyed making a KS one in the past but it is not as long as I think you are after.

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