Overcoat pressure

Thanks for all your great suggestions on cardigan patterns. I wish I could just get straight on to making one of them. But I have a coat to make.

By next Sunday.

Why such a ridiculous time frame? Because on Sunday night I get on a plane to go away for work for 3 weeks, and I can’t take my sewing machine with me!

This would be a good week for Hermione’s time turner.

I’m using this pattern (BurdaStyle 12-2012-117) and fabric:

It’s to wear with this newly finished dress (BurdaStyle 08-2009-124) at a gala dinner in Sydney. The gala dinner includes a harbor cruise, in the middle of winter. I’ll be very cold without that overcoat!

I’ll post more about the dress later but right now I have a coat to make… and a deadline to meet…


17 thoughts on “Overcoat pressure

    1. Thank you. Yes this was a Gay Naffine fabric from last May. It was a sample from Italy that Gay didn’t end up using, of unknown composition. She had probably had it for ages- it had a stain that (fortunately) washed out. It is very special and I feel very lucky to have it.

  1. Can’t wait to see the coat – it is on my maybe-to-do list, so it will be great to see it made up for real. The colour looks perfect for a perfect dress.

  2. The colour of your coat fabric is lovely, I can’t wait to see it made up. You’ll definitely need a coat – it’s very cold and windy out on the Harbour at the moment

  3. Lovely dress. As a piece of “constuctive criticism” may I point out that “constuctive” is missing an r? (lol)

  4. You can do it! The lines of the coat look like they will suit you and of course no buttonholes or collar means it will be quick to make.

  5. Gorgeous dress (where did the fabric come from?) and your coat will be brilliant. But you might also pack a rain coat given the weather we’ve been having in Sydney.

  6. I almost did it! Everything but the belt. And if qantas lounges supplied sewing machines, that would be done too. Phew, I never want to sew up to a deadline like that again.

  7. Oh the dress is lovely and the coat will be great in that colour. I have made this coat, twice actually and I love it – I have posted it “Two Coats are better than one! Cannot wait to see your version.

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