Egg coat

The egg shaped coat.

More fashionably known as boule shaped.

I think I might have found my most unflattering style ever.

Fun, though.

And not terrible from all angles.

I’ll probably wear it a lot.

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 12-2011-114

Size: 38-46, I made a 42.

Fabric: Medium to heavy weight wool synthetic blend knit. Probably a sweater knit.

Changes I made:

No zip, no petersham ribbon trim, no hip length seam or pockets, no lining and not the normal facing.

All of these were to do with my fabric choice.

It’s a thick knit with an interesting selvedge. The selvedge was my petersham ribbon trim replacement down the front.

The fabric was too thick for a facing so I redrafted one just for the neck and used organza.

I didn’t retain the extra horizontal seam because there’s a lot going on with this fabric already and I wasn’t going to do the petersham trim to define this seam. I wonder if the seam might make the shape even less flattering, but perhaps not? That will be for me to find out with the next version, if there is one!

No pockets because there was no horizontal seam. I drafted and cut out patch pockets but haven’t put them on.

No lining because it’s a knit and I was planning a big casual jacket (and because I wanted a fast project…).

No zip because without the lining and without a facing and without interfacing, my fabric wouldn’t support a zip. And how often would I have zipped up an egg?

“Oh my goodness. What do you ask? Of course I can have that chocolate dessert after two entrees and a main course and the starter earlier. Haven’t you seen what I’m wearing?”

Yes, I can see that I will wear this often…


17 thoughts on “Egg coat

  1. I love this look! The variety of blacks and greys and white from the coat are classic! I think your adjustments …elimination of facings, zippers, pockets…make a great easy coat that you can wear anywhere! I would make it in a flash if it was available in a hard copy. I gave up tracing Burda a few years ago once they decided to put all patterns on what? 4 pages?

    • Yes, the tracing is more challenging now. But I like printing and sticking A4 pages together even less, so I’m glad Burda hasn’t gone that route ( yet..)

  2. I definitely see the influence of Cristobal Balenciaga in that pattern! I really like your coat – it looks easy to wear, quick to throw on – and stylish, too!!

  3. Actually, I think this is rather a flattering silhouette! I like it very much! Catherine’s boule-shaped maxi dress is very flattering, too, so maybe this shouldn’t be a shape of which to be afraid. I really like this coat, but I already said that. 🙂

  4. I agree with the others – this is flattering and chic, especially how you’ve styled it! And the simple style really lets the fabric have a star turn.

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