Aprons and sewing karma

What can I say about aprons?

1. Repurposed fabric. Most of them started life as linen table runners used for a wine event. A wash and dry and those red wine stains have gone forever.

2. Copied the proportions of an apron made by one of my sister-in-laws. Thanks Terry and Janet!

3. The pockets and patches were the fun part.

This photo shows the join down the centre. Two table runners make one apron.

Production is on-going. The next batch will have pop art animals as pockets.

Today these aprons caused several serendipitous events, most of them sewing related.

I went into Spotlight in my lunch break because I need more tape for straps and they were having a sale on all patterns (Vogues for $5!! Never before in Australia! Thanks to Thornberry for alerting me to this). There I met a lovely lady who reads my blog! I was recognised! How lovely!

I think she recognised my clothes more than me. I was wearing my grey and red bobble skirt and a very loud red and grey print blouse.

The pattern sale meant most of the patterns I wanted were sold out. Of course. But one of the one I really really wanted had been put back on top of the drawers! Yeah! Glad someone else decided against this one!

Vogue 8902

I also picked up this delightful Vintage Vogue

Vogue 2787

On the walk back to work, a stylish lady walking towards me was pulling a suitcase covered in novelty fabric featuring tape measures.

Ahh, so much sewing goodness in one day!

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12 Responses to Aprons and sewing karma

  1. Sewbussted says:

    I am a vegetable nut so anything with a fun vegetable print is great in my book. But, I have a question, what are the aprons for? You are making so many. Maybe I just read through too fast and missed it.
    Love the patterns and you are a star in our hearts 🙂 so happy that you had such a great day!

    • SewingElle says:

      The aprons are for a christian convention we’ll be attending in November. All the catering is done by the ‘delegates’ at the event (actually all the chores are). The aprons are just another made-by-a-participant aspect to the event that I decided to do (much more fun than buying them) . Number eight has just been finished. And now I should get back to that skirt and blouse I have already cut out…

  2. Karen says:

    This post has just really brightened my day (which is already pretty and bright, due to our “Indian Summer” here in the eastern USA). Thanks for sharing your sewing goodnesses!!

  3. Ingrid says:

    Hello again, from said lady who recognised you in Spotlight (sorry my name is Ingrid for next time we bump into each other!). I loved your outfit and I recognised you straight away from the blog. I had a quick glance at the newest Vogues as well and most had disappeared but I picked up a couple of Buttericks. What do you think of the new arrangement of pick the patterns yourself?

  4. Kristy says:

    It’s kind of weird but flattering at the same time to be recognized by a stranger who reads your blog isn’t it? I accidentally bought two Vogue patterns today from Spotty, at that price I couldn’t resist! I wish I picked up V8902 now, that’s really pretty

    • SewingElle says:

      Yes, although in Ingrid’s case she wasn’t really a stranger. I had met her before (at a fabric sale of course!) and she posts lovely comments on my blog. I just didn’t associate the face with the name and the comments. I will next time.

  5. Yummy mummy says:

    Didn’t know the new Vogues were on sale! Went out to buy the 8904 shingle dress and the 8902 you have above. I already have the Vintage Vogue that you bought, I’ m always draw to them, although they rarely love me back… Thanks for enabling…

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