Camel and chicken wire

The pink jacket was a bargain that come home with me from Indianapolis (Nine West, boucle). The problem was that it was not ‘my colour’. So not much, if anything, in my wardrobe went with it.

Is it a bargain if the only other garments that go with it are in flat pack 2 meter lengths?

The answer is no, it’s not a bargain; it’s a way to create more sewing projects. As if I need that!


Pattern: BurdaStyle 07-2011-121

Size: 36 – 44, I made a 42

Fabric: Silk charmeuse

Changes I made:

  • No ruffles
  • No horizontal seam. I didn’t cut out the front or back as two pieces: laid the pieces together and cut out as one (for the back) and added a dart where front pieces didn’t match (moved apex back to the side seam about 4 cm so that the dart apex was not on my bust apex). The pieces were more curved than the dart will be but top is loose fitting and this isn’t a problem
  • No interfacing. I interlined the cuffs and collars with a double layer of white silk habitoi. I didn’t do anything to the front facing apart from cutting it on the selvedge and turning back twice (there are three layers). This was not an issue for button holes, luckily! as there were eight of them to make.

It’s interesting that I’ve always had this pattern with these changes in mind for this fabric. Usually my plans change multiple times.


Pattern: BurdaStyle 08-2011-122

Size: 34 – 42, I made a 42 with a 1 cm sway back adjustment and a bit of further adjustment over the hips for fit.

Fabric: Italian stretch cotton

Changes I made:

  • Mid knee length
  • No pockets
  • Waist height increased by 1 cm
  • Split instead of back vent
  • Elastic in waist instead of interfacing and a facing (same as the hot pink ponte skirt)
  • Double needle for the hem to keep the stretchiness.

I’m surprisingly happy with this neutral skirt. It might be boring but it seems to go with many other things in my wardrobe too.

Like Allison C, I don’t know why I didn’t have a khaki/camel skirt in my wardrobe earlier. Lucky I bought that pink jacket after all!

14 thoughts on “Camel and chicken wire

  1. When I first saw the title I wondered if this was a recipe post! Both pieces look great, the changes you made to both patterns really improve them. I’m wearing my khaki/camel skirt as I type, everyone needs one!

  2. Great seperates, skirts that colour are always useful. Love the print on the top, I’ve made it a couple of times & always left off the ruffles! Nothing better than having an excuse to do more sewing, so that jacket was a great buy! 🙂

  3. This is a great outfit, and I don’t know why you think pink is not one of your colours, because that jacket looks wonderful! Your chicken wire makes me laugh. I haven’t seen real chicken wire for years…. 😉

    1. The older I get the less I am worried about going with colours that are supposed to not suit me. It might be something to do with fading skin colour and hair due to too many birthdays.

  4. I made a beige skirt for work in an identical colour and pattern to yours (except mine was from a Knipmode magazine). And yes it does go with everything! As soon as I saw your shirt I thought it might be a Gay Naffine fabric; just gorgeous! Lovely outfit as usual; you look fabulous!

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