The after effects of the fabric sale


  • Graphic blue and grey print silk cotton blend
  • Blue border print silk cotton blend
  • Blue and white stripe silk chiffon ( to coordinate with the border print, perhaps..)
  • Teal blue stretch cotton woven


  • Cream and taupe stripe stretch linen woven
  • White Italian linen
  • Crinkle poly cotton blend
  • Plain white cotton polyester blend with 20% spandex (very stretchy, this is going to be gorgeous to wear)
  • Cotton silk blend budgie print (too cute!)

Reds (and lining)

  • Plain red midweight silk woven
  • Plain red linen cotton metallic blend (the sheen on this is gorgeous due to the metallic thread content, but metal makes the fabric scratchy, so the red silk is for linings and facings)
  • Coral stretch cotton woven
  • Grey and brown striped acetate lining. I like having a selection of good quality linings on hand.

My fabric stash thanks Gay Naffine and Lucy Giles, and so do I 🙂


19 thoughts on “The after effects of the fabric sale

    1. I don’t have definite plans for any of it, apart from
      – the coral stretch cotton will be a pencil skirt to go with a pink jacket I already have
      – the teal stretch cotton might be a Burda cowl dress 10-2012-118

      Of course all subject to change…

  1. Well I am green with envy, hey wait you bought no green fabrics! I especially love the budgie print, it is cute, but not cutesy. And I’m not even a print lover.

  2. Ahh yes I went on Friday and was fairly restrained compared to some of the other ladies there at the time. I couldn’t get there until mid-morning and the selection had been well picked over already but you managed to get some great pieces! I got a green version of the silk/cotton border print and some lovely canary yellow stretch denim to go with a colourful silk remnant that another lady rejected (and I promptly snatched up!!). Sadly they told me that after the next sale Gay Naffine will retire so they may not have these any more. Boo hoo!!!

    1. Oh that is sad news indeed! Now I am even more glad that my stash is well stocked!
      I saw the green version of the border print, as a garment, when I was there on Saturday, but it was already all gone as fabric, and I was tempted by the yellow stretch cotton (perhaps that was similar to the denim you bought?). Your choices sound lovely.

  3. I bought that blue graphic print last time to make a special beach coverup, it’s beautiful to wear. Got some of that blue border print, like yourself, and the teal stretch cotton/nylon/lycra, rather than the blue you bought. Happy sewing!

    1. And what are you planning to make with the border print? I was very inspired by the garment Gay (or Lucy?) made with the border placed vertically as a drapey extension sleevey thing.

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