Keeping promises: The Bauhaus dress

Back in July, I said I’d post more about this dress.

When I put this chambray dress on last week, I realized I never had.


This blue chambray dress was the test run for the hurricane weather pattern dress.

Technical Details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 08-2009-124. First made as the grey dress of doom

Size: 36-44. I made a 42 with a 40 waist, my usual sway back adjustment plus ‘petiting’ the bodice (taking 2 cm out horizontally above the bust).

Adjustments for fit

Why the ‘petiting’?  I am shortwaisted so I probably should do this with all patterns. Secondly, the grey dress of doom turned out with the bust darts slightly lower than my bust and the high neck a bit uncomfortably high. My adjustment moved the bust darts up where I wanted them.

There is still some fabric pooling under my bust, although less when I stand up straight, which, clearly, I don’t do often enough! Perhaps I should have taken some out under the bust too. More tweaking for a further version!

Other changes were all for fun: Yellow topstitching to highlight the design lines, even on the back, and yellow lining, because I could.

Sorry about the wrinkles above. The fit is really not that poor…the bright morning sunshine was not so kind (except on my shoes-don’t they look fabulous!)

Once I was happy with the fit for the chambray dress. I made the hurricane pattern dress. The fabric was a mystery, but probably synthetic based. It frays a lot but presses and washes well. It was lined with white acetate lining. No topstitching or fancy contrast lining for this one; the fabric was the star!

I love both of these dresses. I still wear the grey dress of doom a lot too. I think this might be one of my favourite Burda patterns.

10 thoughts on “Keeping promises: The Bauhaus dress

  1. What a versatile pattern! I love the hurricane fabric, but the chambray is so fun with all the yellow. And yes, your shoes are TDF. I must confess I noticed them immediately after the fabulous topstitching! I can totally see why this would be one of your fave Burda patterns!

  2. Ace topstitching! You look fabulous in these dresses, and I’d kill for these shoes. They aren’t size 40 by any chance?

  3. I noticed the top stitching and shoes first too lol, though the dress jumped at me immediately after that! I really like the contrast of the chambray version and am so glad you get so much wear out of all three dresses.

  4. Just catching up with what I’ve missed in the last 6 months, so please forgive this late comment, but I just had to say that this dress is fantastic! I mean both are awesome, but in the denim and with your gorgeous top stitching the shaping is so striking! I MUST make this when summer gets here.

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