Keeping promises: The Bauhaus dress

Back in July, I said I’d post more about this dress.

When I put this chambray dress on last week, I realized I never had.


This blue chambray dress was the test run for the hurricane weather pattern dress.

Technical Details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 08-2009-124. First made as the grey dress of doom

Size: 36-44. I made a 42 with a 40 waist, my usual sway back adjustment plus ‘petiting’ the bodice (taking 2 cm out horizontally above the bust).

Adjustments for fit

Why the ‘petiting’?  I am shortwaisted so I probably should do this with all patterns. Secondly, the grey dress of doom turned out with the bust darts slightly lower than my bust and the high neck a bit uncomfortably high. My adjustment moved the bust darts up where I wanted them.

There is still some fabric pooling under my bust, although less when I stand up straight, which, clearly, I don’t do often enough! Perhaps I should have taken some out under the bust too. More tweaking for a further version!

Other changes were all for fun: Yellow topstitching to highlight the design lines, even on the back, and yellow lining, because I could.

Sorry about the wrinkles above. The fit is really not that poor…the bright morning sunshine was not so kind (except on my shoes-don’t they look fabulous!)

Once I was happy with the fit for the chambray dress. I made the hurricane pattern dress. The fabric was a mystery, but probably synthetic based. It frays a lot but presses and washes well. It was lined with white acetate lining. No topstitching or fancy contrast lining for this one; the fabric was the star!

I love both of these dresses. I still wear the grey dress of doom a lot too. I think this might be one of my favourite Burda patterns.

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10 Responses to Keeping promises: The Bauhaus dress

  1. Tia Dia says:

    What a versatile pattern! I love the hurricane fabric, but the chambray is so fun with all the yellow. And yes, your shoes are TDF. I must confess I noticed them immediately after the fabulous topstitching! I can totally see why this would be one of your fave Burda patterns!

  2. sewbussted says:

    Both of the dresses are wonderful. One day I am going to come to Australia and raid your shoe closet!!!

  3. Clio says:

    All three are awesome on you! And so different from each other! Makes me wish I had been subscribing to Burda in 2009.

  4. starryfishathome says:

    Ace topstitching! You look fabulous in these dresses, and I’d kill for these shoes. They aren’t size 40 by any chance?

  5. Shannon says:

    I love both of these dresses- they both look terrific on you! They’re making me want to go dig this pattern out and make it right now!

  6. Emily says:

    I noticed the top stitching and shoes first too lol, though the dress jumped at me immediately after that! I really like the contrast of the chambray version and am so glad you get so much wear out of all three dresses.

  7. amalitar says:

    Just catching up with what I’ve missed in the last 6 months, so please forgive this late comment, but I just had to say that this dress is fantastic! I mean both are awesome, but in the denim and with your gorgeous top stitching the shaping is so striking! I MUST make this when summer gets here.

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