Dude food and Jungle January tussles

He who Cooks doesn’t seem to have trouble with his ingredients having strong opinions.

Not enough minced meat for burgers? Some of those spicy sausages in the fridge will lose their skins for the cause.

My fabrics, however, can’t seem to behave.

This Silk Chiffon is horrified that a Cotton Twill from Ikea might even dare to think she can join Ann’s Jungle January.

“You’re not even a real zebra print” huffs Silk Chiffon. “And you’re not garment fabric, just cotton twill for curtains. How could you think you can possibly leap to the front of the queue?”

“And your pedigree is even worse” says Silk Chiffon in disdain. “You’re from Ikea, not a fashion designer like me”

Cotton Twill is starting to believe elegant Silk Chiffon.

Perhaps She who Cooks won’t let her to join the herd.

“I would be so good as a skirt” she whispers. “Think of all the stuff you already have that would coordinate with me. I know I’m not a real zebra print but…” Her voice starts to trail off as she hears Silk Chiffon starting to snort derisively.

11 thoughts on “Dude food and Jungle January tussles

  1. Give cotton twill a pep talk and get to it! (And perhaps knock silk down a peg by pointing out that she’s a rather abstract print, herself.)

    • You are all hard task masters. Sensible solid ponti in the stash thinks these animal prints are way over rated and that I should turn to him for the next garment.

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