Graphic print maxi skirt

This fabric had been earmarked for me even since I bought it. Clearly it spent too long in the stash, and it defected to Felicity…

The defection had a good ending, of course!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 10-2013-120

Size: 34 -44, I made a 40. It was a bit roomy through the waist for Felicity and would be more a hipster look if I didn’t then remove about 4 cm overall through the waist and hip after I had sewn all the yoke pieces together…

Fabric: Cotton voile border print from Gay Naffine and navy cotton voile for lining


Maxi length rather than mini length, and with all pieces cut along rather than across the grain, because this was a border print. The final skirt is about 1 metre long. Felicity is 1.75 cm tall, and she has heels on in these photos.

The lining was also cut longer, to 60 cm, i.e. just on the knee for Felicity. The lining pieces are a continuation of the yoke so the lining is very straight fitting. Burda suggests leaving 12 cm slits in the side seams of the lining. That’s okay when you have a mini skirt, but not so good when the lining goes to the knee. So I slashed each lining pattern piece from the hem up to the yoke in three places to give 4 strips and then spread them out to 2 cm between each strip at the hem. This gave a flared gored skirt effect to the lining, and means that the floaty-ness of the cotton voile pleated skirt was maintained.

I moved the zip to the side seam. Burda has the zip only in the yoke but I was worried about that making the skirt a bit tight to squeeze over the lower hips. Cotton voile is not the strongest of fabrics! I didn’t want to have a center back seam in the pleated section so I moved the zip to the side seam.

Felicity is a leftie so I put the zip on the right side. She’s since told me not to do that … Teenagers!

Just in case she gets confused with RTW skirts, I added a tag to the back.

I need to get some ‘He Cooks… She Sews’ tags made…

The skirt seems to have been given the thumbs up.

11 thoughts on “Graphic print maxi skirt

  1. What a great print! And she looks lovely and superhappy in that skirt. You are a good soul, I’m not sure that i would have allowed the defection. Good thing it is only men in my family and jeans and t-shirts are all that’s required. Yikes, they’re now wrestling on the couch as i write this… Better find another spot to sit…

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