Silver square neck top from 1992

The pattern is from 1992, the top is only a week or so old!

This was one of my favourite top patterns and I used it several times in the nineties. Felicity thinks it’s vintage. He he. (Hmm, I guess that means she thinks I’m even more ancient..)

It was made to go with the graphic print maxi skirt, but we both think it looks pretty good with the skirt from her Maggy London peplum suit too.

Technical details

Pattern: Vogue 8257 now OOP. Copyright 1992.

Size: This pattern came in 6-8-10 and 12-14-16. I had the 12-14-16 with the 12 cut out. I made a 12 for Felicity with a 3 cm FBA (this added an extra vertical tuck at the front and a horizontal bust dart). After she tried it on, I took in the side seam by a further 1 cm at the waist then back out to a 12 at the high hip and at the horizontal bust dart. I should probably have started with the size 10, but it’s a loose blousey style so we think it’s wearable.

The horizontal dart is a little high, so I will move it down 1 cm when and if I make another version

It’s a bit big through the back and the shoulders are a touch wide too. To be fair to the pattern, it is drafted for shoulder pads. Early 90’s. Duh, of course!

I love the buttons down the back. They were selected and purchased at a local store despite the poor customer service. Don’t get me started. We should have gone into the Button Bar in the city.

Fabric: Silver grey tencel (cupro and lyocell are its other names) from Gay Naffine. It’s a woven fabric similar to rayon with delicious drape, a lovely smooth silky feel with a shiny and a matte side. Its presses well. I have plenty more for a dress for me (Yay!).

Steph of Cake Patterns has an excellent blog post about this type of fabric if you’d like to know more.

Felicity can now confirm that tencel is lovely to wear, even on a warm day!


4 thoughts on “Silver square neck top from 1992

  1. She looks great! Grown up but also fresh at the same time. And thanks for the tip on tencel. I tend to avoid all man-made fabrics when its hot. Good to know i dont have to with tencel.

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