It is a red sack

Very nice fabric though!

Of course, the hanger shot accentuates its lack of shape.

There have been compliments when I’ve worn it. This might be something to do with the how short it is (about 40 cm from the waist) and it being Valentines Day….

Despite its sack-likeness, I like this dress. The fabric is delightful, the colour is vibrant and it’s a happy fun dress to wear. It’s been good to move out of my comfort zone of pencil skirts and fitted sheaths. And it has pockets!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 02-2014-112

Size: 34-42, I made a 42

Fabric: Silk cotton metallic blend as the outer fabric, with a silk crepe facing and acetate lining, all from the most recent Gay Naffine fabric sale

Changes I made:

The length.

When I traced off the pattern, I didn’t pay enough attention. The dress is also in longer version without the hem band. So I traced off and cut out an almost knee length dress, then added another 20 cm or so with the bias hem band. It was very Pilgrim like in length… not hot date material at all.

The bias hem band was chopped off, and the bottom of the dress pinned up into a deep hem. He who Cooks liked the new length so the hem was sewn (by machine with a blind hem stitch- I was running out of time) .


My outer fabric has metallic content and past experience tells me it would be scratchy. I faced the neck with matching silk crepe and then used a pinstriped taupe acetate for the rest of the dress. My little tag on the back neck facing is the same taupe lining. For the sleeves, I cut out the sleeve pattern and added 5 cm. The lining ends around where the flounce starts once I hemmed it. I’ve left both the sleeve and skirt lining loose, and there was no peep through when I wore the dress, so it looks like tacking it down won’t be necessary. I did secure the neck facing down by stitching in the ditch in the lining just past the facing.

Lining and the extra layer of silk facing at the neck was needed with this fabric. Even with the lining there was a bit of scratchiness around the waist when I tried the dress with a belt. I can imagine how irritating the neck would be with a self facing, or even just with the one layer of acetate lining.

It’s a fun dress. I was inspired to make this after seeing Tany’s lovely version. Both Burda and Tany used boucle, but I thought that my crinkly silk cotton metallic blend might work too. I think it does.

Tany has now made a second version. She shortened both of her versions too and commented about its shapelessness. Her styling is, as always, marvelous and inspirational.

7 thoughts on “It is a red sack

  1. Thank you for your kind words, I’m so happy that you liked both my dresses!
    Your dress looks spectacular; needless to say, red is my favorite color!
    Yes, the dress is a “little bit” loose but the more you wear it, the more you will like it (at least that’s what happened to me, I liked it enough to make a second version of it!); it kind of grows on you 🙂
    Hugs from Portugal

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