Shirting or skirting?

My favorite long charcoal linen skirt is so well worn its needs to be reincarnated as cleaning rags.

The style of my favourite skirt is very similar to this one in an old issue of BurdaStyle Magazine. And I love that scarf. And all of the other styling for the patterns in this English landed gentry collection. (Yes, Downton Abbey fan here).

So, I was all set to recreate my skirt.

I didn’t have black or charcoal linen in my stash but I did have a lovely piece of Italian skirting in grey.

It was not time to go shopping. It was time to turn the shirting into skirting.

He who Cooks (aka The Photographer) thinks the fabric should have been pants, or the skirt shorter (he is not over fond of long skirts). I nodded and said he had a good point. I didn’t volunteer the information about it being mens shirting…

He also suggested that I had forgotten to give it the final pressing. I think he’s right, especially from the back view.

It’s a lovely long skirt with a bit of swishiness without being over the top.

And it has pockets!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 10-2009-127

Size: 38-46, I made a 42 at the waist grading out to a 44 over the hips. Too much food at Christmas and not enough exercise! (and probably also too many birthdays). I also made my normal 1.5 cm sway back adjustment.

Fabric: Italian shirting cotton, purchased in 2010 in Turin


No lining and no fly front- an invisible zip in the back instead.

Double topstitching down the centre front, including the pleat, and on the pocket edges and hem.

Is that an arrow? Whoops, I think it might be.

Let’s just pretend its pointing to my happy smile!

The top is a shorter sleeve version of My Image M1152 made up in a gorgeous soft cotton jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. I need more of these basics in my wardrobe.

12 thoughts on “Shirting or skirting?

  1. Great outfit, i’m loving everything, the shoes, the skirt and the top. The pleat in the skirt makes it look like chic culottes in some of the photos, nice! And i also love those tight and to the elbow sleeves.

  2. It looks comfy, practical and with that little bit of elegance one would expect from a slightly longer length. And who would have guessed it was shirting? BTW, I totally lol about the arrow. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said anything!!! 🙂

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