The last summer dress and drape-y overtop

It feels like autumn is coming, but I have one last summer outfit to show you. It’s perfect for hot days. Perhaps I’ll get to wear it one more time, before winter?? Yeah, I know, who do I think I’m kidding?! It was 31°C today but I think that’s the last of it.

It’s a simple pinafore style linen dress

with Style Arcs Clever Claire top as a drapey overlay

Here’s the top worn as a top. Note to self: I need to stop making things that drape and tie at my waist. It’s not the most flattering look for me!

Another way to wear the top as a top (although the neck is a bit choking like this)

Technical details


Pattern: Burdastyle top 06-2012-131, elongated into a dress

I made the top as a trial run before I stretched this pattern out as a dress. I don’t seem to have taken a photo of the top, even though I have worn it. It was made in the same fabric as the skirt above, with the budgie print fabric as the hem band. Since making it up and wearing it with the skirt (but not taking a photo), I’ve left the white skirt on white sheets of a hotel bed, and it has disappeared forever into the great laundry of all Adelaide hotels L.

Size: 34-44, I made a 42

Fabric: stretch linen from Gay Naffine, purchased this year (so only weeks or months in the stash rather than years).

I added a little pocket, and let it stretch out a little while sewing it on. I like its smiley shape!


Pattern: Style Arc Clever Claire

Size: Australian RTW 4-30, I made a 14.

Fabric: Silk cotton blend woven with a budgie print. Too cute not to be used! Look at them sitting across my back!

This is an interesting pattern to make. I like it better as a drape-y vest than a top.

As a top, the armscye seem to big and the need to tie it somewhere (neck, waist..) means it a bit constricting. It’s designed for a woven but I suspect it might work better, as a top, in a knit.

Of course its also good for pretending you are an angel

This will be the last post for a few weeks. He who Cooks and I are off to Europe . A wine conference in Burgundy and then two glorious weeks driving in Scotland, London and Paris. Happy 25th wedding anniversary to us!

21 thoughts on “The last summer dress and drape-y overtop

  1. I love the top with the dress but I really love it as the wrap with the m.i.a. skirt – what a great shame to loose that. Sounds like a great trip (wine conference?!) – happy anniversary! Safe travels.

  2. Love your outfit. And I think the wrap is amazing. I love all the different ways it can be worn – I mean it looks completely different as a cardigan than it does as the wrapped tight top.

  3. I like last version of the top as a top the most… you look good in fitted things, I think. (bummer you felt choked in it). Having said that, the dress is looks fantastically cool and fresh in a looser kind of way. (contradiction is my middle name!) Have a fabulous holiday!

    1. You’d are right. I love best and feel most comfortable is fitted structured styles. But the looseness of the dress s fabulous to wear Very hot night for drinks on the lawn at your daughters posh school? Perfect!

  4. Lovely combination of neutrals – I love a linen! Unfortunately you’ll have to leave it behind if you’re heading to Europe – long trousers and woollens are still de riguer here. Have a wonderful trip and many congratulations on your anniversary.

  5. Lovely outfit! The stripes and those darling budgies got rather well together. I feel your pain about leaving your skirt behind at the hotel. I am still grieving for my favorite purple silk nightgown, left hanging on the back of the bathroom door. I never hang things there any more… Enjoy your trip! My husband and i are celebrating 12.5 years of marriage with a family bash next weekend. I kid you not, this anniversary is celebrated here in Holland 🙂

  6. I do like this dress and the colours and drapey layers make it very summery, even if the weather is going all autumnal. I hope the conference and trip Europe-side is going well and you are both celebrating your 25th with style 🙂

  7. I love how the overtop looks with the dress. very chic and elegant. Sorry fall is heading your way but I am looking forward to wearing outfits like this one soon. Congratulations on 25 years of marriage!

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