Isle of Skye buttons

I found these buttons in a shop in Portree: Skye Batiks. Their main line is in garments sewn by a group of Isle of Skye sewists from bright handwoven cotton from Sri Lanka. Not what you except in Scotland.

Their garments feature these buttons made by a local artist, David, and they are also available for sale. The shop is just around the corner from this delightful cove.


The Scottish Highlands are awe inspiringly magnificent. We’ve had a marvellous few days driving though gorgeous wild scenery like this. I haven’t been able to resist using my iPhone for photos. Imagine how much better this would look with a real camera!

And we’ve seen a castle or two

And a cow or three

These Scottish sheep seemed to think that the road side was an excellent stop for chewing the cud.

We’re in Fort William tonight and off to Glasgow tomorrow.

This is a flashback to Edinburgh , or is it a Harry Potter movie set?

Scotland is certainly a magical place.


9 thoughts on “Isle of Skye buttons

  1. The sheep remind me of our trip to Chile. The guanacos liked to lie on the blacktop (road asphalt) to warm themselves. This really slowed down our tour when pregnant females would flop in the middle of the road to give birth. OTOH, we got to see so many new foals (or whatever you call baby guanacos and alpacas).

  2. The buttons are beautiful! My husband and I have Scotland on our list of places that we want to visit. Although my husband worries that I will not return home with him. From the look of your pictures, he may be right!
    So glad that you are having such a lovely holiday.

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