Liberty and London

Yes of course I did. Visited Liberty of London, that is.

Doesn’t everyone do that when they are in London on a 25th wedding anniversary weekend?

We went to the V&A museum too.

They have a great fashion exhibition. Lots and lots of other art and design too.

The coffee cups in the outdoor cafe:

Even the Museum shop has a sewing themed section: sewing patterns available to purchase (By Hand London patterns would have been even better…)

I bought some buttons in honour of William Morris

We did other non- sewing related things too…

Like visiting Buckingham Palace,

Parks close by (the spring flowers were so beautiful),

Thoroughly enjoyed Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre,

Kings Cross (just missed the Hogwarts Express), and

The tower of London

Doesn’t he have a fabulous coat? Oops, back to sewing related stuff very quickly, aren’t I!.

And here’s the me-made content:

You’ve probably seen the skirt before on the blog, but the top is new. It’s my standard bateau neck t-shirt with a black and white stripe viscose knit (from Tessuti’s) spliced into a black ponte. The stripe was a gift from Melissa. Thanks Melissa!

I wore it with a leopard print scarf and grey tweed jacket. All that crazy print pattern (mis)matching seemed right for London, and especially the V&A.

We loved our London weekend!



19 thoughts on “Liberty and London

  1. of course you have to visit Liberty’s, even of I am guessing most people come away with little as the fabric really is expensive (but lovely). – and I love your outfit, especially that top.

    1. Liberty fabric is beautiful, but I am not convinced I am only paying for the quality. I think there’s a fair amount of label and status in the price too. That said, I’m happy with my small piece.

  2. I love these posts of your travels, thanks so much for all the glorious photos. I’ve never been to Scotland and the scenery is just stunning. Reminds me of the little fabric shops in Brno, Czech Republic where my husband is from. Sigh…. I haven’t been there for a while since children were born.

    1. They are great aren’t they. They could go very well with that teal wool crepe you sent me. It was supposed to be a dress last winter but it is still in the stash. (Sewing plans more than one garment ahead rarely eventuate at my place!). Now I’m thinking an asymmetrical or drapey jacket, with those buttons. Yes all of them, mixed up.

  3. Lovely! I have some similar buttons I bought from the V&A a few years ago, turned them into earrings for Daughter No2! 🙂 Did you stop off in Stratford on Avon? If not, & you’re still planning to pop in, drop me a line… I can show you where to get Liberty fabrics at a better price! 🙂

    1. Oh I’ll remember that next time. Would have loved to visit Stratford on Avon. We re now in Paris, and I think i could’ve got Liberty here in Reine for the same price or less 😦

  4. Lucky girl.. Hope you also found the store on Goldhawk Rd that sell cheap but genuine Liberty prints from the previous season.

  5. Oh yes I remember Liberty but I wasn’t sewing when I was there so didn’t look at their fabrics back then. Arghhhh. Love the new shirt and the stripes are perfect.

  6. That skirt is spectacular! i just love it! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip – congratulations on your anniversary.

  7. I like you striped top, glad you are enjoying your travels, how wonderful to be able to spend your 25th wedding anniversary overseas, especially in Paris…

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