Paris, and the next project…

Just down ‘our’ street in the 6th arrondissement

The last part of our silver wedding anniversary holiday was 5 days in an apartment in Paris.

Reflections in a chocolatier’s window. They were also celebrating 25 years..

Our location made it easy to pick up some cheese and fruit from the local open air market (La Marché Raspail) and a baguette from the bakery across the street for a late lunch before heading out to the trendy restaurant and wine bar further down the street for dinner (Bakkus was one we particularly liked).

Yes we had an apartment with cooking facilities and no we didn’t eat in for every meal!


Springtime in Paris. What could be lovelier?

Palais de Luxembourg, built for Marie de Médicis, mother of Louis XII in the 17th century. Now the seat of the French Senate, with the glorious gardens open to the public.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont. A 19th century park in the 19th arrondissement in an old quarry. We had a very relaxing afternoon there.

Pont des Arts, the pedestrian bridge made famous by couples attaching padlocks  with their names then throwing the key into the Seine river below. We didn’t add to the more than 90 tonnes of weight already on the bridge. (See, it wasn’t sunny every day, that egg coat came in very handy).

We did some unromantic stuff too.

No I don’t mean fabric shopping.

We visited the catacombs.

This was a thought provoking experience. I was not comfortable that the bones were arranged in patterns, as if people’s skulls and femurs are design elements. But I was not there at the time; relocating the exhumed skeletons of 6 million people from overused cemeteries in the 18th and 19th centuries to former roman stone quarries might give one a different perspective.

We’ve been in the sewers of Paris on a previous trip. I wonder what this says about us, as a couple?

There is an excellent article on the catacombs, the sewers and other underground places of interest in Paris in the National Geographic.


What’s my next project?

Something from the lovely fabrics that come home with me from Scotland?

No, not yet …

BurdaStyle 08-2013-109

It’s a new autumn dress for church for Felicity. Her version will be shorter (a 78cm skirt length is how its drafted!) with the main dress in cobalt blue and sleeves in black chiffon.

The pattern has been adjusted and checked with a toile, and now I’m ready to cut into the fashion fabric.

Wish me luck with those chiffon sleeves!




10 thoughts on “Paris, and the next project…

  1. Such a beautiful place to be in the spring, and a perfect end to your anniversary trip. It’s so funny sometimes reading sewing blogs from the land of Oz… Your “autumn” dress made think you were sewing 6 months ahead until I realized, oh, yeah. It’s not spring Down Under, anymore! Good luck and lots of slow sewing with the chiffon!

  2. Tres bon! How romantic and beautiful! Both Paris and the next dress…I am working out how to do an Archer with chiffon sleeves…the gelatin trick hopefully keeps me sane!

    1. I’m toying with the gelatin idea but that would mean I have to wash the garment at the end, and the other fabric is stretch cotton. Also, rewashing the chiffon and line drying it has put it into gorgeous micropleats. I like the effect. Decisions, decisions!

    1. Yes I went into Reine and some others near Sacre Coeur, but my suitcase was already very full, and nothing “spoke” to me, so I left empty handed this time!

  3. There’s something very interesting about the places above and below wonderful old cities. So much history everywhere and certainly not all of it pleasant. What a lovely five days and a wonderful trip … I hope you’re planning your 30th anniversary trip too lol.

    Chiffon is something I’ve only sewn with once and I used A Lot Of Pins!! If you do try the gelatin trick please blog about it :-).

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