A very ‘hip’ skirt and ‘Hannah’s’ blouse

I have ‘interesting’ but not always wise pattern choices.

This is the fashion shoot photo:

Those ‘wings’ are interesting aren’t they? They seem to draw attention to her waist, contrasting the difference between waist and hip.

This tulip shape has worked for me before. Would it work again, now I’m older and stouter?

Lets see, using a similar pose.


Its not as bad as it could have been!

(Actually, I’ve decided I quite like it)

The top is new too, and was inspired by one made by my dear friend Melissa (blogless), who made a gorgeous lavender version for her lovely daughter Hannah. Chris of Handmade by Chris has made a beautiful silk version too.


Pattern: BurdaStyle 11/2013 #123

Size: 34-44, I made a 44 with a 1.5 cm swayback adjustment. Its turned out a bit loose through the waist. I normally make a size down, but I have put on weight, so it seems wise to go up in size.

Fabric: The same stretch cotton woven as the one I used for Felicity’s Downton Abbey dress, lined with a stretch satin from deep stash. The pattern has a separate lining piece for the side front skirt panel.

Changes I made:

Lengthened by 3 cm. Mid knee is a better look on me than just above the knee.

I cut the lining out in one piece, so there was just one seam (like I did here). This was because I was lazy and because I was using a remnant of limited length.

Burda’s instructions for the waistband were particularly good and gave a lovely smooth finish to the top of the zip.

They have you sew the waist band to the other fashion fabric before you put in the invisible zip, which ends at the middle of the waistband piece. Then Burda says to sew the lining to the waistband, then the short end of the waistband, then fold the waistband in half and stitch in the ditch on the outside at the waistband skirt joining seam to catch the lining in.

Yes I know. That’s clear as mud. Just as well Burda don’t have me writing instructions.


Pattern: BurdaStyle 12/2013 #107

Size: 34/36, 38/40, 42/44.

I made a 42/44. I feel like it’s a bit big, but that could be the style. The sleeves are certainly too long, even with my arms stretched right out.

Fabric: Polyester chiffon from Gay Naffine’s fabric outlet sales last year

It was fun placing the pattern on the fabric; trying to balance the bright and dark parts of the feathery print on shifty chiffon…. I love this print, though, so it was a pleasure to have this challenge!

Changes I made:

I made the ties as long as the bias strips I cut out, probably close to 1 metre each rather than 75 cm. Even when the bow is similar in size to the line drawing, the ends of the ties are way past my waist.

I used organza as interfacing for cuffs. I have had bad experiences with iron on interfacing and light fabrics in the past. And using organza makes me feel fancy!

No French seams, unlike Chris and Melissa. I took the lazy way out and overlocked everything.

But I do have French cuffs.

This was an unintended change.

excuse the wonky cufflink

I finished the blouse and tried it on and then realized I had the button holes in the wrong side of the cuffs. Duh. ( I had looked at the line drawing and replicated the sleeve that is drawn flat- the one on the right, instead of the folded sleeve, the left one. The left one is the one drawn correctly. They have it right on the back view too. Trust me to pick the only one that was wrong as my guide!).

So I made another set of button holes in the other side of the cuffs and used cufflinks instead of buttons. This is improved but still not quite right. The vent is integrated into the seam between the front and back upper front/sleeve pieces. On a real shirt, the vent is not in the seam.

If I make this again, I’ll do a real vent in the right place.

Plans. I have too many of them.


9 thoughts on “A very ‘hip’ skirt and ‘Hannah’s’ blouse

  1. Wow, just stunning, as usual. (How did I miss that print in the sale?) I also thought about making the skirt, good to see it made up. BTW I would have thought it would be about time for the Gay Naffine sale (even if it’s the last one) but I haven’t received a notice.

  2. Both are great and look fab! I like how the long length of the sleeve gives them a slight bishop shape – looks just so with the gorgeous fabric. The skirt pattern had piqued my interest as well, but I was also nervous about adding volume to an area that is tricky for me. It looks wonderful on you (and not how I feared it would look in real life) so I may give it a go off the back of your version. Good on you for exploring unchartered waters so well! (And thank you for showing us it pans it well) Rachel ☺

  3. Lovely outfit! I have thought about that skirt as well, it looks good. The top is nice too, I might try and shorten the sleeves a bit if I make it.

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