Not cold weather clothes

“Yeah I like my new skirt. But do I have to take my jacket off? It’s too cold to take my jacket off.”

“Do I really have too?”

“Ok if you insist, I will show my new Nettie body suit, even if it is freezing.” Freezing, Adelaide style is 10°C.

Isn’t she gorgeous??

“The scoop neck is just goldilocks.” Goldilocks = not to high, not to low, just right.

“The sleeves are a bit long, but I’m not complaining.”


Technical Details

Body Suit: Closet case Nettie Body Suit, front scoop neck, back high neck and long sleeved version.

Size: 2-18. I graded from a size 12 shoulders to a 14 bust, then 10 waist and then out to 12 hips. I normally do an FBA for her, but I thought I try just grading out to her bust measurement and seeing if that would work. She’s short waisted so the torso length should still be okay. That was my hope anyway, and it seems to have worked. Gotta love stretch fabric!

Others have said that the pattern ran small but I purchased the pattern after Heather redid the sizing and it seems good to me.


Cotton lycra knit with 100% stretch width wise and 80% lengthwise. This is an awesomely stretchy lightweight fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics last year. The bodysuit needs 50% stretch both ways, so it seemed like a very safe fabric to try this pattern out!


Skirt: Based on Burda Style 03/2013 #109

I pinned out the darts and squished the pattern piece flat and then elongated to about 100 cm in length. I cut the hem straight along the stripes, rather than curving. I omitted the zip and made an elastic waist.

Fabric: Poly Cotton knit from last winters sales

“Time to kick of these shoes and put my dressing gown on over top” she says as she heads indoors out of the ‘cold’.

How flattering is that? New clothes that are as comfortable as pajamas!




7 thoughts on “Not cold weather clothes

  1. Lovely, it almost makes me want to make a Nettie. I have too many 70’s memories to go there though. Great Maxi skirt!

  2. You are just the best mom! I love the look of disgust in the second picture 🙂 So happy she took the jacket off. Cute, cute outfit!!

  3. Just what I’m planning now – well skirt anyway. You can’t beat stripes and bodysuits are so practical (even if they are ’80’s). They keep your back warm and keep a great smooth line under these sorts of things that need a jacket. I could be tempted to buy a nettie!

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