Poodle coat finished and modelled

I think she likes it…

I like it too.

It looks great and it feels wonderful.

The fit is good too

Perhaps a bit big through the shoulders and back (but that means it fits me too… not that this was planned!)

You can just see the grey marl ponte under sleeves in the picture above.

I used the same ponte to attach the toggle buttons.

So far everyone has wondered why I didn’t use black leather. Clearly, matching the under sleeves is not being noticed!


I’ve never made anything with toggle buttons before and no-one in the house has anything with toggles for me to copy, so there was some experimenting.

I played around with bits of the ponte and the coat on Eliza the dressmaking dummy. Then I went shopping with a square of ponte and the coat.

Adelaide Arcade’s Button Bar came through again.

I tried quite a few toggles and buttons in the shop and settled on some lovely shiny black parallelogram buttons. Yes I am a math nerd as well as a sewing nerd.

The Button Bar didn’t have black cord so I went to Spotlight. They didn’t have any cord the right weight either, but they did have black soutache braid. Soutache braid came home with me. (So did some Vogue patterns. Oops. But, $5 per pattern, they needed rescuing, right?)


Twenty squares of ponte were cut out.

I reinforced ten with fusible interfacing and then made keyhole button holes in them.

The other ten had cords attached to them, 5 with the toggles and five just as loops. These were my base layers.

The cords were threaded through the buttons holes, and then the two layers sewn together with edge stitching. The edges are raw, but ponte doesn’t fray.

I closed up the buttonholes with bar tacking close to the braid.

(whoa, that flash is bright!)

That meant the underside had two lots of bar tacking; one to attach the braid, and the other from closing the button hole.

I really didn’t know what I was doing here. I was on a roll though, and didn’t want to stop and consult google. Please pipe up with the right way to do this!

My five toggle and loop pairs were then sewn onto the coat.

I put the first pair on at the bust apex, the next at the neck and then used this spacing for the other three pairs.


I think I will tack the cords down to the edges of the ponte squares. They look a bit too dangly like this. What do you think?


Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle’s Long Shawl Coat 10/2012 #131. I used the stand collar from the Fur Blouson Jacket 10/2012 #129 rather than the scarf.

Size: 20 (petite 40) with a 3 cm FBA (to adjust for a DD cup). This added 3 cm width on each side, so I angled the side seam back in to the waist rather than having a vertical bust dart that went all the way to the bottom hem.

Fabric: Faux fur outer, main body lined with lightweight very stretchy knit, both from Gay Naffines most recent sale, ponte under sleeves also from Gay some years ago, and a poly satin python print sleeve lining from the stash. Collar ‘interfaced’ with shirting fabric from Turin.

There are pockets! Fur one side and that soft knit lining the other. Lovely and soft and cuddly.

The daffodil yellow skirt is new too, but this post is already too long.


Thanks for reading.



11 thoughts on “Poodle coat finished and modelled

  1. My first thought was to tack the toggles to the edge of the point, now I’m not so sure. Just pin them and see what you think.
    The entire look is so high fashion, the yellow skirt, the coat and those fab hose. What an incredible look. Truly, Paris runway ready.

  2. Your daughter does look pleased as punch in those photos! Score that it fits you but the real bonus is that it will probably fit your daughter for more than one winter. I have no input for the toggles – sorry but I do think you have done a great job with them so far!

  3. A beautiful coat on a beautiful girl! I like the toggles just as they are – I think the ponte squares blend perfectly with the coat, that black leather would be too noticeable and jarring, and I also like the jaunty look of the toggles just dangling. When some are buttoned, and some not (as pictured), it makes a very pretty contrast. What does your daughter think?

    • She thinks the cords are too long and the fastening is not so secure because of that. She’s right, but the softness of the fabric and lack of interfacing is also contributing.

  4. The coat looks fantastic and the toggles do too. Your daughter is obviously thrilled, and who wouldn’t be. An other way you could have done the buttons is to sew the buttons flat to the garment and just have the loops coming from the other side. Perhaps that would make it more secure? I don’t know!

  5. stunning. love the mandarin style collar. Re: toggles – Ken’s are sewn to edge of leather and still flop about – don’t think it matters…

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