Daffodil yellow skirt

Hurry up Spring. We are ready and waiting for you.


I used a Burda pencil skirt pattern that I had used before for Felicity. The woven version was close fitting, almost a bit too much so over the hips and thighs. So that sounded about right for the double knit fabric that I was planning to use for this skirt.

BurdaStyle 08-2012-111

The top of the skirt sits just a smidgeon below the waist. I extended the pattern up by 6.3 cm (twice the width of the 3 cm elastic plus some for turn of cloth) to make a ‘waistband’.

After stitching the darts and the side seams of the skirt and ‘waistband’, I overlocked the elastic on to the wrong side of the ‘waistband’ then turned it over. The elastic was cut to Felicity’s waist measurement and the skirt is very close to this measurement too, so there was very little stretching required getting the two to fit

A tag at the back makes a simple elastic waist skirt easier to put on the right way and, yes, it is true to name. The fabric is a rayon double knit from Gorgeous Fabrics purchased a while ago.

I secured the elastic waist band down by stitching in the ditch at the side seams and through the darts

The double knit made the darts thick, so I cut them down the centre and ironed them flat before attaching the elastic

No seam finishes needed with this fabric.

The pattern had a back shaped seam and a kick pleat. I didn’t want either of these in a knit version, so I placed the pattern on the fold with the centre seam touching the fold at about thiugh level, then compensated for the bottom and top curve back in by taking the sides seams in an equivalent amount and adding width to the darts.

The fit is okay so this must have worked alright.

There’s a bit of angling out of the bottom hem at the front. The side seam is hanging straight so perhaps I should have pegged the side seams a bit more. Any ideas?

It’s not noticeable IRL, but so obvious in the side view above!

I didn’t use knit tape when I hemmed the skirt with a double needle. This double knit was beefy enough to not tunnel or stretch out.

So easy.

Double knit. Elastic waist. Some darts, two seams and a hem.

Just add a Nettie body suit, your favourite tights and cute boots and you’re ready to roll.


6 thoughts on “Daffodil yellow skirt

  1. Sunny and fun! What a happy skirt! I’ve treated double knits the same way – cut open the darts, don’t fuss with the rest.

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