San Francisco sewing BABES Berkeley meet up

I have some new sewing friends:

Jennifer, Wendy, me, Heather, Jilly and Glenda, from the San Francisco Sewing BABES group

What a great group they are. I was welcomed and felt at home straight away. Sewists are the best people!

They took me to lunch in Berkeley and then to two great fabric stores; Stone Mountain and Daughter and Piedmont Fabrics


Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabrics.

I loved the atmosphere in this shop. Suzan Steinberg (the Daughter) and her staff were genuinely welcoming and love fabric. There was a warm positive vibe to this store. What can I say? I was in Berkeley.

The shop is medium sized with a lovely selection of knits, silks and wools, plus lots of cottons. The quality was good and the prices reasonable (just like those in the know said on the last post). Upstairs is a space for classes, and the half price bargains.

Part of the cotton selection.

I found some wonderful rayon knit panels.

The pink is a 70 cm square, repeated twice across the width of the fabric. I have two panels.

The bright rainbow butterfly print is one panel running the width of the fabric (140 cm) and 90 cm across. Only half of it is in the photo. There is a solid border both ends, about 20 cm deep. I have one panel of this too. I’m thinking it will be a dress, combined with black.

This lovely silk charmeuse was half price.

And a bargain polyester chiffon made its way into my bag too. I do like a classical themed print!


Piedmont Fabrics

A short drive took us to Piedmont Fabrics, another shop in Berkeley. This is smaller shop, but again a nice selection of fabrics and notions, includes some pre-loved (vintage) buttons

Outside the store, hugging my purchases.

Polyester stretch lace

This piece of charcoal and blue wool embroidered cotton needed to escape from the remnant bin.

This stunning fabric has beautiful texture and sheen. It had to come home to Australia.


Thank you Heather, Glenda, Jilly, Wendy and Jennifer. I had an awesome time!


17 thoughts on “San Francisco sewing BABES Berkeley meet up

  1. What a wonderful trip you had. I’m hoping to get back to SF… day! Your fabric scores alone were worth the trip 😉

  2. It was so fun to meet you and have you all to myself for the ride back to San Francisco. The chocolates are yummy and well hidden from my chocoholic hubby. I’m loving the little kangaroo keychain too – thanks.

  3. Ah! Some of my favorite sewists ever! I was sorry I couldn’t join you (and to meet you!) but I’m so glad that you had a great day with the BABES!

  4. It was really wonderful to meet you. I wish that I could have spent more time with you and the BABES! Thank you so much for the lovely Kookaburra fabric as well as the delish chocolate covered macadamia nuts. The fabric is bound to become a wonderful shirt for my great nephew, Jaxon, who will be starting first grade this year. Now I have to decide which pattern to use. Thank you again and happy sewing.

    1. Darn! Another fun gathering that I missed. I am so glad you got to meet a great representation of BABES….they all rock. Safe trip back. I did get to spend a few days in your lovely country on the east coast. a few years ago,. thoroughly enjoyed the people and the scenery.

  5. I’m so glad that you had a great time! It looks like you got some great fabrics–those knit panels look lovely!

  6. It was simply awesome to meet you and spend time together eating,chatting, laughing, and shopping. Thank you, again, for your thoughtful Australian gifts!

  7. It was SO wonderful to meet you! Wish I’d had time to journey on the Piedmont with you, but lunch and Stonemountain was a treat – even if I did buy more fabric than I intended. Fabric shoppers who travel in packs do tend to invoke the enabling gene….

    I hope to make it back to your side of the world one of these years – may we both be active and still sewing when I do!

  8. Isn’t it fantastic that you can meet up with people from the other side of the worls and have so much in common. I am LOVING the fabrics you bought, great finds.

  9. Late to the game, but blame an old Windows PC and Comcast! Loved meeting you, lovely to meet a sewist from another continent. My mother, who also sews, is jealous that I got to meet a real live Australian! I’ve been without e-mail for almost a week, so my apologies for posting late! Will follow up with an e-mail now that my internet pipes have been unclogged.

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