More fabric shopping in San Francisco

Fabric shopping with fellow fabricaholics is the best. See my previous post if you need to be convinced.

Fabric shopping at places recommended by the local fabricoholics is also pretty good.

I was lucky enough to do both.

Britex Fabrics

The locals said that Britex was high end and expensive, but worth a visit. It was just around the corner from my hotel, so of course I went.

Expensive? Yes.

It’s location alone would demand that – sandwiched between Chanel, YSL and other designer names.

I expected this visit to be similar to a museum visit. I would ooh and ahh but nothing would be bought.

It was like a museum visit. It is a beautiful store. The silks, boucles and wools were exquisite. And beautifully displayed.

The trims were lovely. And the selection of buttons extensive.

And, to my surprise, there was a rayon challis with my name on it on the sales floor



Fabrix isn’t downtown but was very easy to reach by bus.

It was, as described by the locals, the polar opposite of Britex.

It is not a beautiful store. Fabrics are arranged by price rather than fiber or colour.

The prices are very good.

I restrained myself and bought only one piece of fabric, a printed poly satin with a silk like look and feel.

And this 20cm wide guipure lace could not be resisted, not at $10 per yard!


Thanks to everyone for their great advice. I highly recommend all four stores I visited in San Francisco, and of, course, meeting up with the sewing BABES was the best fun.

My fabric stash has been enriched.

5 thoughts on “More fabric shopping in San Francisco

  1. Between Scotland, SF, and the regular shopping in Australia, you have had one spectacular year of fabric excursions. What fun 🙂

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