Does this blouse measure up?

I was so torn this last weekend.

I have a stack of beautiful new fabrics from San Francisco.

But I also had a cotton blouse cut out for Felicity from fabric from Scotland. This project was sitting, waiting for me by the sewing machine.

So I was a good little sewist mum and worked on the project for her.

Yes, Felicity loves this yellow skirt and is very happy to have another thing to wear with it!

Technical details

Pattern: BurdaStyle 10/2012 #122

I like the architectural lines of this style. Merche made a great plaid version.

Size: 36-44, I traced off a 40 then added a 3 cm FBA. It’s a bit loose under the bust so I probably should have taken it back in at the waist in a bit. The bagginess is obvious in this poor posture photo.

However, Felicity is perfectly happy with it and it was worn all day, so that means it will probably never be adjusted.


This cute cotton was purchased in Edinburgh. It was only 110 cm wide. I was very happy to manage to squeeze this pattern out of my 2 metres! The printed plaid wasn’t quite on grain, so that added to the challenge.

Due to these constraints, some of the seam allowances were not exactly generous and the sleeves became bracelet rather than full length. She is just missing the bracelet in the photo below!

The shoulder flaps are cute aren’t they? They are like a yoke but only attached at the shoulder seam and armscye.

They are cut out doubled so they end up with a fold at the lower edge. BurdaStyle suggests finishing and turning in the neck edge, but I sewed these edges together with right sides to right sides..

..and then turned the flap so the right sides were outside. This made it neater, but also a bit flatter and less like a looped piece of fabric.

The style only had 5 button holes but I felt more buttonholes would be better for the size of button I had and for the design. So I made 7 button holes. Then I realised I had only 6 yellow buttons.

The one red button at the top is a design feature 😉



17 thoughts on “Does this blouse measure up?

  1. Wow, you did such an incredible job with matching the tiny plaid.
    The fact that she loves it makes it perfect 🙂

  2. Oh I love it. Definitely a winner. Great matching on the plaid. I really like that top shape. I am not loving shirts with collars at the moment so this one should go on the list. Love the red button.

  3. Wow! Where to start?! At the top: the pile of new fabrics looks fooled with much prettiness. I can’t wait to see what they each become. The red button is such a great feature – I smiled when I saw it. The blouse is a total success and your daughter looks lovely in both items. Well done Mum! Rachel ☺

  4. such a cute plaid, especially as it’s measuring tapes! great matching too. It great your daughter likes you to sew for her

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