The dilemma has been solved

My cluttered sewing nook is now graced with this work in progress.

Yikes, it that a rose on Eliza the dressmaking dummy’s breast?

In my eagerness to get the all the bits I liked onto a fairly narrow panel it looks like I have managed to centre a rose almost perfectly over a nipple… Let’s hope the viewer’s eye is drawn away by the diagonal swathe of pink!




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12 Responses to The dilemma has been solved

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love it- the flowers are so random and bright, the eye doesnt focus on just 1. Its lovely!

  2. Glenda Smith says:

    It looks stunning. Wow! And I didn’t notice that rose placement at all until you mentioned it.

  3. sewbussted says:

    That rose was not even noticed until you pointed it out 🙂 I don’t think it is an issue at all. The flowers have a the look of fireworks. Very pretty.

  4. I think the placement is fine – and the blue at the face will be so flattering.

  5. Clio says:

    I didn’t notice the offending rose either. So, I think it’s fine. GORGEOUS fabric – I can see why you would want to feature it.

  6. Summerflies says:

    I didn’t notice till you mentioned it either and had to go back to look! Looking so good so far.

  7. CherryPix says:

    Blooming marvellous! Placement is just fine!

  8. Hair up, turquoise purse, metallic gold sandals, steaming cup of take out coffee in hand, hot guy waiting in the car = complete.

  9. jillybe says:

    Glam all the way! The rose placement looks perfect to me 🙂

  10. Gail says:

    I used this pattern recently. It carries a busy design really well. Your roses are rather special!

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