Another boring knit dress?

Not with this fabric!

I wondered about my chances of keeping this fabric for myself. There was a remote possibility. I might have even mentioned this, while it was being cut out at Stonemountain and Daughter fabrics, to the San Francisco Sewing BABES who organised a fabric shopping meet-up for me in Berkeley …

Very remote as it turned out. Felicity loves bright fabrics as much as I do, and when I suggested this fabric wanted to be a maxi dress with a solid back, that remote possibility turned to zilch.

This fabric was a 90 cm wide panel running selvedge to selvedge with orange and yellow and hot pink stripes at each selvedge. Now all I have is teeny tiny scraps.

I didn’t even have long enough scraps to cut the neck binding in one piece. I could have if I used black, but I thought yellow would look better. There’s a join just south of the shoulder seam, and the underside of the binding is pink.

I really got my money’s worth out of this piece of fabric!

The front was cut out with grain running selvedge to selvedge; in other words, aligned with the weft, not the normal way aligned with the warp. That means maximum stretch runs up and down the body.

Felicity is tall, so the dress runs selvedge to selvedge on her.

This fabulous fabric makes it look like I’ve been very creative with stripe and print matching.

The back is a black viscose spandex knit (the same fabric I used it as lining for the scuba knit vase dress). I cut the back with the grain line the same way as the front. Both fabrics have excellent four way stretch and there is still at least 50% stretch around the body, so it all worked.

The sleeves are the only pieces were cut “properly” on the warp grainline, because that’s the only way I could fit them onto my fabric.

Not much more to say really. This is Closet Files Nettie Bodysuit as a dress and its super fast and easy to make: shoulder seams with a ribbon to add stability, neck binding, sleeves inserted in the flat, sleeve and side seams in one pass, then double needle hem on the sleeves. No skirt hem because it’s the selvedge, and Felicity likes the length as it is.

Cut out and sewn up in an afternoon. Gotta love knits!

11 thoughts on “Another boring knit dress?

  1. Wow! That looks amazing. I love how you were able to transform the fabric from flat to fitted without losing any of the interesting print.

  2. Gorgeous! I’m loving your use of prints with solids lately. What a great dress from both the front and back. Any chance there’s more of that fabric to order for your own personal secret stash?

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