Knit dress #3; the evening version

I’m on a knit dress roll.

What better than a metallic knit to make an outfit for a black tie event? Especially when you are time poor? And that metallic knit is already in your stash?

The back story to this knit was another evening dress that needed to be made in a hurry several years ago. I used this same fabric in a lovely Burda magazine pattern from 2007 (12-2007-109).

I loved this dress. It was before I was blogging or even posting on Pattern review and, sadly, I have no photos to share. The Slapdash Sewist has made this pattern too, but as a short version. I agree with all her comments about the dress!

Fast forward another few years and the dress was adjusted to fit Felicity for a school costume party. That was its demise. All I had left was the rest of the fabric.


Technical details

Pattern: Vogue 1250

Size: I made a 16. Last time I made a 14 and thought it was a bit snug. This one is a teeny bit less fitting than it could be. A 14 was probably about right.


Knit synthetic with metallic thread, a bit on the sheer side with only width wise stretch, not lengthwise. The pattern calls for four way stretch. As it turned out, the lack of four way stretch in this metallic knit as a maxi dress seems not an issue.

I underlined the dress with a black viscose knit. The viscose knit has four way stretch, so I basted the lining and fashion fabric together by machine with the lining underneath (and let the feed dogs control the lengthwise stretching for me!). Sewing the seams was then without incident. Without the basting I got a horrible puckered mess.

I used a long straight stitch on a regular sewing machine for all the seams then overlocked the raw edges together, with the overlocker seam on top of my straight stitch. Hopefully that will give enough stretch to the seams when I wear it to the event.

The only exception to constructing the dress this way was the cowl edge and the back neck edge. For these two I treated the lining like a facing. Then flipped it over and basted the other edges together as if the lining was an underlining.

It’s made a lovely neat finish to the cowl under lap and the back neck edge.

For the sleeve edges, I overlocked the lining and outer fabric together, turned it under and then hand stitched.

This lining feels divine (just like it does in the vase dress!)



Other changes I made:

As you can see, I lengthened this to a maxi.

To add a little bit of drama to the hem, and for walking ease, I added a godet to the hem. It is one layer only (no black viscose lining) and about 40 cm in length on both sides and across the curved bottom edge.


The ‘hem’ is a raw edge. time poor. did I say that already?! Lets hope this dress stands up to the event!

The event is in Canberra, our national capital, tomorrow night, and early spring means overnight lows close to freezing.

My wonderful sewist friend Jann has loaned to me one of her hand crafted silk organza wraps for the event to add a bit of warmth. It is just the perfect colour for my dress.

I still might need leggings underneath …




20 thoughts on “Knit dress #3; the evening version

  1. What an incredible transformation for the fabric. This is a dress that you will be able to wear and wear. Beautiful! Enjoy the event 🙂

  2. I bet you’ll look just the ticket in this outfit. Hemming knits? I’ll admit this is something I often don’t do even without time constraints! Have fun at the event. Rachel ☺

  3. Great way to use this brilliant and popular pattern to whizz up a quick evening dress! It looks amazing in that fabric, hope we can get to see you wearing it….!

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