Knit evening dress in “action”

Thank you for your lovely comments on my knit evening dress.

Here I am on the night with the gloriously glamourous and wonderfully gracious Catriona Rowntree, the MC for the event.

Catriona was wearing a dress by a local Australian designer, Rachel Gilbert. She was stunning.

Thanks to the Hon. Senator Sean Edwards for the iPhone snaps. He understood my need to have a photo of Catriona’s dress and made it happen!


We were away for the weekend at Pt Willunga a few days later. I could have taken my evening wear out of the suitcase before I put my swimwear in… but I did hope that a beach photo shoot could be possible..

He who Cooks graciously agreed.

The godet at the back.

It was very windy, and very bright. Windswept hair and sunglasses was the only way to accessorize.

Unless I needed a wrap..

The organza wrap was the perfect colour for this dress. Thanks Jann!




11 thoughts on “Knit evening dress in “action”

  1. Lovely dresses, lovely people. The way the light at the beach really shows the color of your fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Great fashion shoot – very Burda-esque wearing a gown on the beach! – does show it off nicely though! Thanks for passing on the nomination, I really enjoyed reading both yours and Catherines so I hope to be able to do it, unfortunately Google have disabled my account so I can’t blog or email at the moment or comment on some blogs. Don’t know what has happened but I hope they can sort it out soon!!

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