The Yellow Dress: Marion Bay Sewist version

This dress was constructed at a beach house in Marion Bay, South Australia.

The beach house had all the essentials: Burda magazines, fabric, sewing machine, a table, good light. Oh, and a fully equipped kitchen.

The esky was just the right size for transporting my sewing machine.

There was some disappointment expressed when those cool drinks in the esky didn’t materialize, but my machine was nicely protected on the trip there!


So why was I sewing at a beach house?

Felicity and a few of her friends were on a three day hike in Innes National Park.

Two of the Dads accompanied them. I got to stay in the beach house with one of the other Mums to provide before and after hiking support.

And to sew!

Technical Details


Pattern: BurdaStyle 03/2013 #110. This is a simple pattern with the style lines highlighted with petersham ribbon

Size: 34 to 44, I made a 40 with a 2.5 cm FBA.

This added a horizontal dart, but it’s not so noticeable with the busy print (and I didn’t highlight it with ribbon like the other darts)

I added an extra 1 cm to the neck all the way round. It was very wide before. Now bra straps are covered and the scoop is still flattering.


Japanese textured cotton from Tessuti Fabrics. I’ve seen this same print in Spotlight since, but as a heavy twill. This is not heavy, and the texture is delightful!

I did a terrible job cutting out the back pieces. So close and yet so far! Why didn’t I check ?!

The pattern includes a back and front neck facing. I didn’t use the facing. Instead, I cut out iron on interfacing with the facing pattern pieces and ironed them onto the neck,

then used bias tape to finish the neck edge.

The stitching lines are covered by the petersham ribbon and the neck is nicely stabilized.

This was my first time shaping petersham ribbon. I love the way you can iron it into a curve! Awesome!



Yellow. It makes a happy dress, happy daughter, happy mum. The sewcation helped too..

27 thoughts on “The Yellow Dress: Marion Bay Sewist version

      1. Good to know, thanks. I have a short term contract in a building around the corner from there so will have to pop in…

  1. I’ve been pouring through my Burda mags looking for summer dresses and this one was in the maybe pile. Your version has moved it over into the definitely category.

  2. I absolutely love everything about the dress. I’ve taken my sewing machine to the beach too. Makes for a fun place to sew. Your daughter is one very lucky young lady!

  3. I love that fabric. Seriously love it. I just wish I could wear yellow. I did learn a valuable technique here, I think. That summer blouse I had so much trouble with on the facings – I think I could take them off and try this way of doing it. Who knows, I might even start wearing it again next summer! 😆

  4. Love it. Very striking and most flattering. Bet you had a wonderful sewcation – they are the best!
    Love your blog – really like the projects you tackle as they honest, clear way you write about them with good pics.

  5. Very striking dress which looks amazing on your daughter, I keep looking at this pattern and really must get around to trying it, it’s interesting how simple yet effective the petersham ribbon is.

  6. I would love to have a sewing vacation myself too! I like the print of the fabric but it feels too sturdy almost like a upholstery fabric when I saw it in Spotlight. I was thinking about this pattern too. Your dress is lovely and well made.

    Love your blog. You have a new follower 🙂

  7. Beautiful dress. AND It is a very smart idea to pack your Bernina sewing machine (especially cause it cost so much and so much to service it) in a protected way, when you move it from place to place. I just went to see if mine would fit in my cooler. It did!! and I love and will do that when I take it out of the house.

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