Fashion Icons in Adelaide

Masterpiece’s from the Collection of the Musée Des Arts Décoratifs, Paris at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

You need to go!

I was very lucky to be invited to the official opening on Friday night.

A very elegant crowd awaited in the forecourt for the formalities.

There was even a street fashion photographer with all the essentials: pink hair, designer sports-inspired ensemble, camera.

Style continued at the reception

This event definitely needed a New Frock.

The Gallery thoughtfully provided a photo booth to record your outfit.

Both Melissa and I were in frocks we had made. She was wearing a floaty dress in a wonderful floral Rorschach silk print. Mine was a halter neck from embroidered chiffon with pleather paillettes. More on that in another post.

The exhibition itself was wonderful. Photography wasn’t allowed but this wasn’t well signposted so I did take two, before being asked to cease.

Christian Dior’s 1947 Bar Suit: self covered buttons. Ruth, this one was for you!

One of many beautiful gowns.

Some images from the Art Gallery website:

I loved all these gowns, and many more.

It is a wonderfully curated collection. I’ll be going again. I strongly encourage you to go too!

14 thoughts on “Fashion Icons in Adelaide

  1. I plan to visit this soon with my sister. Lucky you, scoring an invite to the opening! You look fabulous, can’t wait to hear about your frock.

  2. Wow! There’s some style in Adelaide! I bet you outshone them all. Thanks for the great pics (and buttons) and I would dearly love to go. I’ll have to do a vicarious visit through you.

  3. I’ve never, ever seen houndstooth look so good! The trouble with amazing events like this is that I really want to wear (even try on!!!) some of the displays! Wow. 🙂

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