Now that’s good service!

Some of you would have seen the blog post on Lower Your Presser Foot about a new online Pop up fabric store in Australia: Designer Fabrics Australia.


Image from Designer Fabrics Australia. Yes that beautiful fabric at the top is for sale on this site!

If you haven’t visited this blog, you are really missing out. The fabrics are one off pieces collected from exotic locations. Liz, the blog owner, photographs them beautifully, describes them wonderfully and includes designer inspiration images. If you are not in Australia, this is a perfectly safe blog to visit, because the pieces are only available within Australia.

Liz is one of my readers and she let me know about her blog too. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying her posts, drooling over her fabrics, loving her comments and insights about fabrics and designers and steadfastly resisting making any purchases.

Until now.

Last night I succumbed.

To this DKNY lace (image from here)

I followed Liz’s instructions about purchasing, and expected that my fabric might turn up in a week or so.

Silly me! She hand delivered it tonight. Right to my front door! A happy set of circumstances, but still, how’s that for service?

And the lace is completely and utterly as beautiful as it looks on the screen.


I am not affiliated in any way, just a grateful customer.


8 thoughts on “Now that’s good service!

  1. Lovely fabric, can’t wait to see what you make from this. I am still trying really hard not to buy anything – other people’s stashes are so much more needy than mine!

      1. No, not Lis Moritz…another Liz, just your humble home sewer fabric obsessive. Lis’s Catwalk Fabrics is a fine place to visit, as I have done many times 🙂

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