An early Christmas present

Liz from Designer Fabrics Australia has gifted me with this wonderful fabric. How lucky am I?!

I love that it came in a Mood Bag too.

It’s an Oscar de la Renta double-faced wool, linen and mohair blend, woven houndstooth with metallic threads and a dark brown laminated back.

Liz said that this was a runway fabric. I spent a pleasant hour or so on finding it.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2007 RTW collection

According to Nicole Phelps on “From beginning to end, and day to night, the collection sparkled. A houndstooth sheath glinted with crystal embroidery; a cardigan (of which there were many covetable varieties) came trimmed with chains and stones; and tweed coats were laminated so that they resembled crinkly patent leather.

Edited to add: I found another coat in this fabric in the same collection:


Oscar’s creations look like they might be unlined and with raw edges or lapped seams.

I like both these looks, but I’m not convinced I could hide that much of the beautiful houndstooth on the inside.

Even though it is almost summer here and I have a simple cotton shift dress on the go, I’m dreaming of a winter cape, or a long winter coat.

BurdaStyle 11/2014 #111



Perhaps with the laminated side on that gorgeous collar, or the other way round? This style might be a bit too lady-like for a lot of laminated tweed. Or perhaps that’s just what it needs to make it less sweet.


BurdaStyle 08/2012 #101




With laminated side on the collar and lapels?


BurdaStyle 10/2013 #103

Several options here: blocking, or just the front button band as the contrast



BurdaStyle 09/2010 #120.

Not so many good options to show both sides, but I do love this pattern.




BurdaStyle 08/2011 #112

Unlined, with the laminated side inside






BurdaStyle 10/2011 #101





Unlined, so the laminated side would show in the hood or the other way around. There are blocking options here too: laminated inner panel and houndstooth wings.


Please help me out here

  • Coat or cape?
  • Which pattern?
  • Mostly laminated on the outside or mostly tweed?
  • Can I get away without lining this?
  • And how lucky am I?

28 thoughts on “An early Christmas present

  1. The fabric looks A-MAY-ZING!!! In answer to your questions:

    Coat or even a jacket – would probably get more wear than a cape.

    None of your pattern grab me for it….sorry!! But maybe the Colette Albion. It’s for a man but I made one for myself and it’s a great pattern. there’s plenty of scope to personalise it. And it could be dressed up or down.

    Laminated on the outside.

    Defo no lining – I should imagine the tweed will be soft enough to be next to your skin.

    How lucky are you………..?????????………… I am so jealous my fingers are struggling to type!

    I really can’t wait to see what you make!

  2. Amazing fabric! I know the pain of chosing. I have seen few fabrics made the same way and I decided to not buy as I was not able to pick up the side en pattern. The part which should be at the top (Right Side) is the laminated one. Looking at your choice of patterns I would go for either BurdaStyle 11/2014 #111 or BurdaStyle 08/2012 #101. I am looking forward to seeing what you have made. SUCCESS!

  3. Well, I guess I am in the minority, but I like Burda 103. Great design and gives lots of design possibilities. I also like the fact that the basic design is simple which will allow the fabric to shine. Anyway, whatever you do, I’m sure it will be lovely.

  4. Fantastic score! How tremendous ☺I’d vote for pattern 09/2010/120, with the lacquered side facing out on the collar and belt areas. All options would look ace though, can’t wait to see what you do!

  5. Wow. What a lovely gift. I’m thinking a coat/jacket would definitely get the most wear, and you could probably get away without any lining. I really love that first Oscar jacket.

  6. The short (unhooded) cape is my undisputed selection. It would be fabulous. It sounds like you might have quite a bit of yardage (do you call it meterage? Hm-m-m, always wondered about that!). If so, maybe a pencil skirt to go with the cape. I wish I had your problem! Whatever you decide on, it will be so, so stylish, I know!

    • That short cape is one of my favourite patterns. I do have quite a bit of meterage 🙂 . I have another larger houndstooth in black and white, in my collection that I have always thought I would use for this pattern. An ensemble with a pencil skirt could look fabulous in that too. Perhaps this coming winter will be the winter of houndstooth for me!

  7. My two cents…I think the first coat with the feature collar is made for this fabric. I would go tweed out for the coat, with laminated collar. I would definitely line the sleeves at least so you can don/remove the coat easily.
    Yes, you are one lucky girl!

  8. I’m with Fifty Dresses. Cape for me. Love the idea of co-ordinating pencil skirt. Lucky you to have such a dilemma!

  9. I love houndstooth. I have seen a Burda coat pattern with panels that would work with this fabric. You could have the laminated side out at the waist area to give a slimming illusion. I’ll see if I can find the number when I get home tonight. I vote for coat over cape.

  10. Love this site. You can actually choose what someone else is going to sew!! Well, for what its worth, here is my opinion 🙂
    I would definitely go with laminated side out and use houndstooth for trim, or belts and definitely collars! All of the pattern choices would work of course, but I love the cape – its not as practical as the coat, but why do we always need to be practical?? ( I made a Burda cape last year and I get compliments every time I wear it!) The longer cape with hood would be smashing – you’d get a lot of mileage out of the hood – it could showcase the houndstooth. What fun!

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