Blue and green with quilting cotton in between

Fancy pants chiffon dresses? pfft

Oscar de la Renta laminated tweed?

Give me a break!

I need an easy peasy cotton sack dress. The less shaping the better.

And anyway, who said blue and green should never be seen unless there’s a colour in between?

What’s wrong with about blueish green and greeny blue, with quilting cotton in between?

This gorgeous floral quilting fabric was bought in Denver, Colorado, on a work trip several years ago. I’ve wanted to use it for a while, but I didn’t want to look like a shower curtain.

Technical details:

Pattern: Vogue 8805

The fabulous and very stylish hack of this pattern by Carolyn of Diary A sewing Fanatic inspired me to try this pattern.

If you don’t know Carolyn’s blog, please go and have a look. She is truly inspirational and has the most wonderful eye for fabric and pattern combinations, and she does awesome designer inspirations/knockoffs that totally suit her figure and lifestyle. I want to be her when I grow up!

Okay, enough fangirl stuff.

Size: 8 to 24, I made a 16 with a C cup. This one fits, but a loose shape and style like this is not really a good test of Vogue’s sizing on me! I don’t use a lot of Vogue patterns. Last time  I used a Vogue pattern for a woven that I made up  a 14 and a B cup, and I had to squeeze extra width out of the side seams over my hips and the bust is a bit tight. For the record, I fit a 42 in Burda really well!


The fabrics are all from my stash and I’m not certain of the provenance and fiber content of all of them. The bodice greeny blue feels likes a soft cotton and has a self stripe. I’ve had it for a very long time. It might have a bit of polyester in it. The floral mid section is a cotton fabric from Fabric Bliss. The bottom blue section is linen. I bought it locally a long time ago, perhaps from Lincraft before it became insolvent and got bought out (anyone else as old as me and remember that? :-))

I like the way these fabrics are playing together.

I finished the neck with bias binding as instructed by Vogue, using a self made bias strip from my fabric remnant stash.

It’s a little secret touch that only I know about, because that bias loop is a very subtle part of the back neck.

Even the button is from deep stash: too old for me to be sure where it came from either.

I lengthened the bottom section of the dress a few cms, but otherwise it’s as Vogue designed it to be.

I think this dress will be worn a lot this summer. It’s in my favourite colours, it will be cool on hot days, and it can be easily accessorized by thongs (flip flops) and sunnies… I just need a suntan!






13 thoughts on “Blue and green with quilting cotton in between

  1. I honestly don’t know how some of those archaic rules came to be… Blue and green look great together! Just as in nature and in this dress, which I am sure you will get lots of wear out of. I’m now contemplating making this in wools for winter…. So cosy! Rachel ☺

  2. I don’t find Vogue is a great fit for my rectangular, shot figure either, that’s why I prefer Burda. Love the breezy look of the dress, blue and green together, Yum! I’ve got this pattern too and was planning to make it in red, blue Ponti, with some stripe or houndstooth, where you have your patterned fabric. Didn’t think of making a summer colour blocked dress, but yours is food for thought.
    BTW I’m working on dress 112, Feb 2014, like your red sack. Not sure why I have to gather the front neck edge, must have sewn something wrong when I put those raglan sleeves in. I checked your dress, no sign of any gathering! Eventually I want to sew it in the White silver coins voile from Naffine sale some time ago….

    1. That pattern will work beautifully with ponti and I like your idea of houndstooth or stripes with the solids.

      I had a bit of an issue with the neck facing for my sack dress. I thought it was just because the outer metallic fabric was a bit looser weave than the silk fabric of the facing. I avoided gathering by easing and squeezing a bit out of the seam allowances on the top pieces. Perhaps its a drafting error? I haven’t gone back to the pattern pieces to check.

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