New fabrics coming to live with me (Gay Naffine and Lucy Giles fabric sale)

I missed the first day of the sale. Gay and Lucy’s workroom looked very sparse this morning after that first day of frenzied shopping by others!

No doubt, everyone else’s shopping was a very good thing for my bank balance. And the groaning shelves where my fabric collection is stored.

I did, however, find some lovely evening wear fabrics to add to those shelves.

And also some great neutrals (a textured white and a stretch cotton beige), a bright striped cotton, zips and a lovely trim.

The muted colours of that first sequined fabric are a bit out of my comfort zone. He who Cooks was with me at the sale (yes, I know, potentially a very bad idea) and he really liked this fabric. It will work for me if I highlight the purple and green in this fabric, rather than the tan.

The sequins are on mesh, with a digital print over both the sequins and the mesh. He who Cooks thinks this fabric would make a great top. I bought enough for a dress, just in case.

The other sequined fabric is more me: black on stretch velvet. This fabric is telling me it wants to be a winter LBD, but it also thinks it could be happy as an evening coat.

And isn’t the trim whimsical and lovely?

6 thoughts on “New fabrics coming to live with me (Gay Naffine and Lucy Giles fabric sale)

  1. glad I didn’t go – there might have been unseemly scuffling over that lovely trim, and the black and silver velvet.

  2. Hello, I have just read of your purchases and am so jealous. I am on the mailing list but because I have retired and moved house I did not receive my notice for the sale. I did try ringing the number listed, to no avail. I dont know her business name so cant look her up in white pages. Are you able to help me. I am having withdrawals – its been ages since I have been able to procure some gorgeous fabric. I do have some still, but I need more.
    Best regards,

    1. I so want to help you, because I totally understand and share your need for lovely fabric! The mailing list has changed to an email list, and you needed to be there at the last sale to get your name on it. It seems that Gay is seriously winding down, so there may or may not be another fabric sale. I’m on the new mailing list, so I’ll let you know.

      In the meantime, check out This is an Adelaide based site. Not associated in any way, just a happy customer.

  3. Thank you, Liz was very helpful, bought a beautiful piece of Scanlon & Theodore from her, also thanks for the Lime truffle receipe, going to try tomorrow.

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