Plans for December BurdaStyle sewing dampened

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the December issue of BurdaStyle.

It came today. The package was unusually heavy. Every page was completely wet and stuck to the next one. The trip must have involved a nice long soak in a large body of water somewhere en-route to my place in sunny Adelaide.

Perhaps drying the pages and ironing them will give me a magazine that will still be useable??

16 thoughts on “Plans for December BurdaStyle sewing dampened

  1. I had a water issue in my studio many years ago and a number of my patterns got wet. I allowed them to dry and years later they are still usable. I thought that the mail system only did crazy things in America 😉

    1. We are blessed with crazy too! I wonder what the postie thought as he got that soft and heavy plastic wrapped magazine out of his bag and put it in the letter box.

  2. Ugh! I’ve never had this happen, but I would think that the pattern sheets would still be usable after they’ve been dried and, yes, ironed. (Good idea). I don’t know about those shiny magazine pages, though. It’ll take up twice the shelf space once it’s dry!

  3. Ouch! I would call or email the distributor Burda in Australia (send them a link to this blog post) and ask for new issue or a credit. You did not get the issue you paid for. I’ve done this in the US for US magazines but it’s worth a try. Good luck! Rose

    1. Mine comes from AboPress, a distributor in France. I’ll see if they can send me a new copy. December won’t arrive in Australia into the book stores and newsagents until March. That’s a long time to wait before I can buy myself a replacement, and as you say, I have not yet received the one I paid for through my subscription.

  4. Hi Elle, that happened to me once with Burda. I emailed them (I think the email is on the site somewhere) and they immediately sent me a new copy. I’d try that rather than the Australian distributor (who I’m sure would tell you to contact AboPress). BTW I received my December copy on Monday (fellow Adelaide person) and it was fine.

  5. I’m a Burda style addict but my Newsagent no longer stocks it. Anyone know if it’s available in Australia, or do I buy a subscription ? I would appreciate some help, thank you, Mary

  6. I use Aldi Goliath baking paper to trace the patterns using a permanent marker, cheap and easy, but a bit bulky. Iron next time you use the pattern with a dry iron to remove creases. I store patterns in A4 pocket attached to inside back cover. My next project is an index of all my magazine patterns.

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